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What’s Positive About Being Separated from Your Twin Flame?

Almost all of us twin flames have experienced times when we couldn’t physically communicate (see, hear, touch, or get a response) with our twin flame. If this is one of those times, before you get really depressed and think your world has come to an end, look at your separation differently. Physical separation is part of the journey to reaching the deepest love humanly possible.

Here’s Some Positive Things About Being Separated from Our Twin Flame…

Time Alone Gives Us a Really Good Reason to…

  • Get used to relying on a higher source (God, Higher Power, Spirit, Divine, Universe, Guides, or whatever you want to call it).
  • Get focused on what we truly want.
  • Realize we are on a hero’s journey.
  • Pay more attention our thoughts and feelings rather than what’s actually happening.
  • Work on ourselves to feel worthy and good enough for an ongoing amazing relationship in the near future.
  • Learn how to forgive ourselves, our twin flame, and others.
  • Eliminate all the doubts we have about our relationship.
  • Rethink our entire lives.
  • Use our intuition and become very spiritual.
  • Operate from a 4th dimension mindset instead of the 3rd dimension or ego.
  • Realize this is not a normal relationship that functions well on conditional love and a 3rd dimension mindset.
  • Address habits such as needing to please, staying crazy busy, addictions, and being dependent on others.
  • Grasp that sacrifice and compromises are not required and actually delay a happy outcome.
  • Do away with sabotagers such as the need to blame, apologize, and hide the truth.
  • Master a different way to communicate and feel connected to our twin flame—the nonphysical way.
  • Stay focused on unconditional loving no matter what your twin flame says or doesn’t say, or does or doesn’t do.
  • Discover how to appreciate the time alone.

Especially at the beginning of the journey, it’s hard to believe that everything that happens, including your time alone, is working towards your twin flame union. Once you start using your separation to do your inner work, it shortens your timeline for a happy outcome with your twin flame.

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