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Romance: 10 Signs You are in the 4th Dimension

Romance in the 4th dimension is different. It is not focused totally around being with the right person, expecting them to say and do things to please you. The 4th dimension takes the responsibility of your happiness off your partner’s actions, and places it on your own state of mind.


Here’s Signs You are in the 4th Dimension Mindset with your Romantic Relationships…

When you…

1   Try to take the relationship day by day, not trying to secure a future together. Therefore, you make very few promises, if any.


2   Believe sacrifice is not a requirement for being in a romantic relationship. That means you are truly honest and trust your intuition, instead of pleasing your partner’s current wishes.


3   Realize that no one can really fill your needs but you, and your inner guide. You have learned how to feel worthy, feel safe, provide adequate income, and how to enjoy life with or without being in a romantic relationship


4   Become aware that making yourself or your mate feel guilty for wrongdoings doesn’t help the relationship or make you feel better long term.


5   Eliminate the need to define who you think your partner is and count on them to always live up to your expectations. There is no need to describe in detail their personality, appearance, or what you think they will do in any situation. Without that limitation, the 4th dimension allows your loved one to grow and change in your eyes.


6   No longer treat your loved one as a possession, someone who is yours and yours only. This ends undue jealousy and envy from flaring up.


7   Practice being honest, but not apologizing for your critical opinion of what you think you did wrong.


8   Are vulnerable, and easily express your honest thoughts and feelings. There is no need to hide the truth or tell white lies, even if this possibly jeopardizes your relationship.


9   Define intimacy as extending loving thoughts to your partner, whether you are physically next to them or not. The emphasis is on what you feel in your heart, not necessarily only what you do, see, hear, or touch.


10   Embrace changes in the relationship.


Maybe all the pain in your romantic relationships that you experience is coming from trying to stay in the 3rd dimension.

You have a choice! You can either be one of the last holdouts in the 3rd dimension, or jump on the bandwagon and rise to the 4th and the 5th dimensions. Relationships are a lot easier and more fun when you move up.

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