Feel Worthy

Advice and 2 QUIZZES About Feeling Good About Yourself & Deserving

Most of us work on trying to reduce our habit of criticizing others—probably because it feels horrible and we’ve seen how easily it can come back on us.

But when it comes to not criticizing ourselves—usually there is no mercy. We are determined to continually judge our behaviors, our past, our appearance, and who we are until we feel absolutely worthless. Do we really believe we deserve that kind of cruel treatment?

Here are 2 QUIZZES that Will Help You be Aware of How Worthy You Feel…

Feel Worthy QUIZ

How Worthy Do You Feel?

Do you think you don’t deserve what you want? Are you struggling to try to feel as good as others? Take this Quiz to access how you perceive your self-worth.   

Dream QUIZ

How Ready Are You to Get Your Dreams?

Are you having a hard time seeing your dreams come true? Maybe you feel you don’t deserve them. Take this Quiz to find out how ready you are to get your dreams.

Things You Probably Don’t Realize About Feeling Unworthy

It’s easy to think nothing about feeling worthy. You might even consider it as normal and believe it’s nothing you can do anything about.

If so, read these 6 things! It might save you some difficult, painful years.

Here are Things We Don’t Realize About Feeling Unworthy…

1   It affects every aspect of our lives—our health, career, income, relationships, and most of all, our ability to be happy.

2   Feeling unworthy is not embedded in our DNA, nor is it a life sentence. It’s just a mindset and a way we choose to think about ourselves.

3   Constantly criticizing ourselves day after day, month after month, and year after year takes a toll. The longer we do it, the heavier it weighs us down.

4   We are teaching others (especially our children) by example how to not ever feel good enough. We show them how to strive to be perfect and condemn ourselves when we are not.

5   Underneath the surface, feeling unworthy is trying to prove that there is no such thing as unconditional love, especially for ourselves.  We think the love we receive has to be earned with what we say or do on an ongoing basis.

6   Just by the nature of not feeling worthy, we attract personal and business relationships with people who tend to take advantage of our mindset, and have very little, if any, respect for us—because we don’t have respect for ourselves.

Don’t Let this Continue!

Only our mindset is causing us to feel unworthy.  No, not what we actually do or say—but the judgments we have about those actions.

Why is it Important to Make a Commitment to Feel Worthy?

You may have tried to convince yourself, year after year, that there is nothing you can do to truly feel worthy. So, what’s the use of making a commitment to feel worthy?

Here’s Why it’s so Important!

Until we make the commitment to do whatever it takes to finally feel worthy, we are…

1  WASTING TIME- We will continue to have anot sogreat life. It probably won’t be horrible—not unless you loathe yourself—but it won’t be wonderful either.

2   STOP LYING TO OURSELVES- We can try to convince ourselvesit doesn’t matterthat we don’t feel worthy, but deep down weknow it does matter.

3  STUCK IN THE3RD DIMENSIONMINDSET- That means we are scared to venture up to the4thand the5th dimension,wheremiracleshappen and it gets absolutelyamazing.

4   UNSATISFIED IN OUR COMFORT ZONE- There comes a time we will become aware that our comfort zone is just a form of burying our heads in the sand because we are terrified of getting out of it.

5   NEGLECT DOING OUR INNER WORK- It’s so easy to blame ourselves, everyone else, or anything else for our unsatisfying life. But really, it’s because we haven’t done our own inner work by releasing our fears, disappointments, guilt, hurt, and of course, our feeling ofunworthiness.

Instead of waiting, jump in!  It may be scary at first to take an all or nothing attitude to feel worthy. A real commitment to yourself requires a there-is-no-turning-back mindset. You won’t regret it.

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