Feel Worthy

Advice and a Quiz About Feeling Good About Yourself & Deserving

Most of us work on trying to reduce our habit of criticizing others—probably because it feels horrible and we’ve seen how easily it can come back on us.

But when it comes to not criticizing ourselves—usually there is no mercy. We are determined to continually judge our behaviors, our past, our appearance, and who we are until we feel absolutely worthless. Do we really believe we deserve that kind of cruel treatment?

Feel Worthy QUIZ

How Worthy Do You Feel?

Do you think you don’t deserve what you want? Are you struggling to try to feel as good as others? Take this Quiz to access how you perceive your self-worth.   

Dream QUIZ

How Ready Are You to Get Your Dreams?

Are you having a hard time seeing your dreams come true? Maybe you feel you don’t deserve them. Take this Quiz to find out how ready you are to get your dreams.

Feel Worthy COURSE

This self-study program helps you change the mindset you have about yourself to be able to finally feel worthy. For more details.



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