People Pleasing

Advice and Quizzes for Solving Your Need to Please Others

Are you having a difficult time with being too nice? Maybe you just don’t ever feel you are good enough no matter what you do. Do you find your days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer? Perhaps you have an excessive need to be liked and will do practically anything to satisfy that need, even at your own expense.

Here Are 2 QUIZZES You Can Take to Help You Understand the Extent of Your People Pleasing…

People Pleasing QUIZ

Is it Time to Stop People Pleasing?

Take this test and find out if it is time to overcome your need to please and release the habit of chronic niceness. Take this quiz to access how much you try to please.   

Feel Worthy QUIZ 

How Worthy Do You Feel?

Do you think you don’t deserve what you want? Are you struggling to try to feel as good as others? Take this Quiz to access how you perceive your self-worth.

About My People Pleasing Coaching

Through the years, I’ve noticed almost all of my coaching clients have to some degree a problem with their need to please or not feel good enough. So, I’ve studied this and developed a way to not only manage the habit, but to do it in a kind way where it doesn’t hurt anyone in the process.

I Can Help You…

1  Not be consumed with fear about hurting others’ feelings.

2  Stop feeling you are not good enough.

3  End the feeling of being trapped and that you have no choice.

4  Say NO the kind way.

5  Limit your worrying about making mistakes.

6  Manage your time better.

7  Lift the burden of feeling solely responsible for others’ happiness.

8  Consider your own feelings, wants and desires.

9  Regain the respect of your boss, co-workers and your loved ones.

10  Express your feelings and opinions and not offend anyone.

11  Be OK with not being perfect all the time.

12  Become less selfish.

13  Overcome feeling guilty.

14  Not rely on the appreciation from others to feel better.

15  Give yourself permission to relax when you are exhausted.

16  Learn how to start paying attention to your intuition.

Let’s Talk!

I know it’s hard to ask for help, and I know it’s hard to convince yourself that you deserve it! I also know that if you continue on the need-to-please path, you will end up doing what you are afraid of most – hurting your loved ones.

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It Could Help You Feel You are Good Enough.

Feel Worthy Course

This self-study program helps you change the mindset you have about yourself to be able to finally feel worthy. For more details.