Advice, Tips, and a Quiz About Using Your Intuition

Are you tired of waking up every morning feeling insecure, out of control, and dreading all the problems the day will bring? Maybe you are tired of dealing with difficult relationships? Or tired of having money issues? Maybe you are just tired of not knowing if it’s your intuition or not?  I can help you fine-tune your ability to recognize that inner voice that can end all your struggling.

Intuition QUIZ

How Often Do You Listen to Your Intuition or Gut Feelings?

Find out how much you utilize your intuition, inner guidance, inner voice, or gut feelings on a daily basis. Take this quiz and find out if you are taking full advantage of it.


Dream QUIZ

How Ready Are You to Get Your Dreams?

Are you having a hard time seeing your dreams come true? Maybe you feel you don’t deserve them. Take this Quiz to find out how ready you are to get your dreams.

Intuition eBooks

Do you want to be aware of intuitive insights more often? Learn how to use your personality type to access and understand how your intuition shows up for you. For more details.

About Getting Signs from the Universe

Are you wondering whether the universe, God, intuition, or whatever you want to label it, is trying to tell you something? Are you unsure whether you are getting subtle hints to go in a particular direction? This can help you understand the signs, synchronizations, and coincidences we get from the universe.

Here are Blogs and Videos About Signs from the Universe…

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Obstacles: Are they Intuitive Signs?

About Vickie’s Intuition Coaching

  • I DON’T help you clear your chakras, urge you to use a pendulum or teach you how to read an astrology chart. I’m more practical.
  • I DO help you trust and follow your own inner guidance in your own way.


Have you ever wanted to know what a person is really thinking? Telepathy or mind reading is the act of picking up on the thoughts and feelings of the sender, paying less attention to the actual words used.

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