Practical Intuition Coaching and Consulting

Practical Intuition Coaching

Do you want to get better in touch with your intuition or inner guide? Have you searched for help and run across a lot of spiritual woo-woo? If you want intuition coaching that is more down-to-earth, for an average person, read on.

I have a practical approach to intuition. I find and share with you how you personally can receive your intuition or inner guide. Everyone is a little different.

Signs You Could Improve the Awareness of Your Intuition

If you frequently feel:

Fearful or doubtful


Unworthy or not deserving of what you want

Fake or like an imposter

Guilty or like a failure

Others have hurt you


Unfulfilled or unsatisfied


Jealous or envious of others


Drained and tired

You Would Benefit from My Practical Intuition Coaching

If You…

  • Are not always sure how to tell if it’s your intuition or not.
  • Have tried spiritual methods and techniques, and have NOT gotten the results others get.
  • Want to maximize your ability to access your intuition.
  • Are ready to accept the answers that will solve your problems for good.

Intuition QUIZ

How Often Do You Listen to Your Intuition or Gut Feelings?

Find out how much you utilize your intuition, inner guidance, inner voice, or gut feelings on a daily basis. Take this quiz and find out if you are taking full advantage of it.


Dream QUIZ

How Ready Are You to Get Your Dreams?

Are you having a hard time seeing your dreams come true? Maybe you feel you don’t deserve them. Take this Quiz to find out how ready you are to get your dreams.

My Intuition Coaching Style

  • I don’t do psychic readings, but I use my intuition to help you access yours.
  • I help you gid rid of your fear, limitations, and judgmental perceptions, so you become aware of your own intuitive insights.
  • I offer practical strategies that are centered around your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. So, I won’t have you clear your chakras, or suggest you use devices, such as tarot cards or a pendulum.

“I’m a very successful psychic, medium and spiritual coach, but when it comes to my own life, even I can get in the way of my ‘intuitive’ answers. Vickie helps me remember to listen to my intuition when I need it most.”

Tammy Holmes, Kissimmee, FL      

“During the 9 years I have known Vickie, I attended practically all of her many workshops and have been her coaching and consulting client. During that time I learned how to tap into my intuition to achieve better results in both my life and my business.”

Darrell Merrick, Phoenix, AZ

“Vickie has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined when I first started coaching with her years ago. Because of her, I have developed thought patterns that have allowed me to find intuitive solutions for every issue I encounter.”

Cindy Dillard, Phoenix, AZ

My Practical Intuition Coaching Requirements

You must…

1   Believe that there is a higher source (God, Divine, Spirit, Source, Higher Power, or any other term you want to call it) that you can access that knows all the answers.

2   At this time, I do not work with individuals under the age of 30, families, or with anyone living outside the USA.

3   Have a willingness to receive the answers.

About the Practical Intuition Coaching Sessions

1   The sessions are 45 minutes long.

2   All sessions are done on the phone or by Zoom audio.

3   You can do as little as one session or as many as you like.

4   All sessions are prepaid in advance through a debit or credit card.

About the Practical Intuition Coaching Price

Here are the Options:

  • The price is based on if you buy one or two sessions at a time.
  • Or you can see if you qualify for the sliding scale.

About Vickie Champion

Like most highly sensitive, INFJ Myers-Briggs personality types, I have been interested in taking full advantage of my intuition or inner guidance since I was a kid.

For several years I tried about every method out there. Only one or two of the methods were successful in helping me tap into my intuition. Some methods, no matter how hard I would try, were a struggle to get myself to do and gave me mediocre results at best. With the majority of the methods, I would end up judging myself and feeling bad about the whole experience.  Because others were getting results, I thought I was doing something wrong and I just wasn’t committed enough, practiced enough, smart enough, or trying hard enough.

I found out the best results for me came when I was willing to get out of my own way, letting my intuition be in charge of teaching me the best way to receive my guidance.

My Products

Check out eBooks on how INFJ, INFP, and ISFJ personality types use their intuition.