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About My Life Coaching and Consulting

Do you want a better way of handling problems and challenges in your life? Are you tired of facing the same dysfunctional patterns over and over, only with different individual and events. Are you tired of having lots of excuses?

I can help you roll up your sleeves and doing some inner work.

You Would Benefit from My Life Coaching…

If You are Tired of..

1   Not being happy or even content.

2   Never have enough time to do everything you want to do.

3   People pleasing or being too nice.

4   Constantly worrying.

5   Getting nowhere, doing the same old things, getting the same results.

6   Being afraid of change.

7   Often feel lonely.

8   Working harder for less money.

9   Jumping from one fire to another.

10   Being in difficult relationships.

11   Feeling guilty or like a failure.

12   Wasting time trying to figure it out yourself.

13   Unworthy or not deserving of what you want

14   Get confused when making decisions.

15   Often feel drained and exhausted.

16   Being hurt by others.

17   Not using your intuition, inner guide, or gut feelings very often.

There Are 3 QUIZZES You Can Take to Help You Decide if Coaching Would Help…


Feel Worthy QUIZ

How Worthy and Deserving Do You Feel?

Do you think you don’t deserve what you want? Are you struggling to try to feel as good as others? Take this Quiz to access how you perceive your self-worth.   

Dream QUIZ

How Ready Are You to Get Your Dreams?

Are you having a hard time seeing your dreams come true? Maybe you feel you don’t deserve them. Take this Quiz to find out how ready you are to get your dreams.

Stressed Out in 2024 QUIZ

Is the Changing World of 2024 Stressing You Out?

Are you having a difficult time dealing with what’shappening and how everything seems to be changing? Take this Quiz to find out if it’s getting to you.

My Life Coaching Style

1   I use a combination of inner guidance and life experience to coach and consult my clients.

2   I help you get rid of your fear, doubt, anger, and judgmental perceptions, so you can become aware of your own intuition or inner guidance.

3   When my intuition directs me, I am not afraid to use tough love when it is needed.

“Sometimes it’s uncanny how Vickie seems to know me better than I know myself, and I feel I can count on Vickie to be direct and to the point. I thought I was hiring a business coach but the benefits have extended far beyond that.”

Nancy McCarthy, MD      

“Following Vickie advice enabled me to excel in my career as well as making the personal changes I needed to make. This leap of faith was nothing short of a miracle to me at the time. I tell my friends when they hit a wall, you don’t need therapy, you need Vickie as your life coach!”

Karen Supman, Scottsdale, AZ

“Vickie is a no-nonsense, yet compassionate, coach who will listen, challenge, create, and lift you to your highest potential. She knows for her clients that they can achieve even greater results than they initially are looking for. She inspires and then is there to hold her clients accountable.”

Connie Phillips, Phoenix, AZ

My Life Coaching Requirements

You must…

1   Since all my coaching sessions are intuition based, you must believe that there is a higher source (God, Divine, Spirit, Source, Higher Power, or any other term you want to call it) that you can access that knows all the answers.

2   Have a willingness to receive the answers.

3   Be over the age of 30, and live within the United States.

How Many Life Coaching Sessions are Required?

It usually takes 12 sessions to get lasting traction. But, you can do as little as one session to get some insights.

How Long are the Life Coaching Sessions?

I do shorter coaching sessions (45 minute sessions) for several reasons:

It’s Easier…

1   To fit in busy schedules.

2   Process new information without overload. I usually go deeper than most coaches.

3   On your pocket book.

About My Life Coaching Sessions

All sessions are done on the phone. I do NOT do sessions in-person, by video chats, or by using remote conferencing formats.

What are the Payment Details?   

1   There are no contracts to sign, your results will keep you coming back.

2   You can pay with a credit or debit card, or Venmo.

What are the Pricing Options?

1   The price is based on how many sessions you buy at a time.

2   If you have purchased either the  How to Feel Worthy Course or the  How to Have a Happy Outcome with Your Twin Flame Relationship Course, you get 20% off.

3   Or you can see if you qualify for the sliding scale. If you are considering individual life coaching, do not let a lack of money prevent you from contacting me. I charge on a sliding scale for those who need it.

Check Out My Self-Study Course…

Feel Worthy Course

This self-study program helps you change the mindset you have about yourself to be able to finally feel worthy.

If You Want to Know About the Life Coaching Industry Before You Make a Decision…

About the Life Coaching Business

There are lots of life coaches to choose from. Here are some things to consider before you make a commitment.

There are Two Major Types of Life Coaches…

One Type is Offering a Coaching System, Process, or a Canned Program

These Programs…

1   Have BASIC PROCESSES that apply to almost everyone in almost every situation that doesn’t necessarily include the uniqueness of you or your life. This is very good for those who haven’t done much inner work or personal growth yet.

2  Are often MORE PRICEY because a good portion of what you pay is used to market their program to get more clients.

3   Usually offer some sort of GROUP INVOLVEMENT, where you can connect with others that are going through the program with you or have gone through it previously. This can be very appealing to those who are extroverts, who just need that extra support, or need to share their story and hear other stories.

4   These companies often hire COACHES TO IMPLEMENT their systems, programs, or processes.

Another Type of Life Coaching is Individual Coaching

These Coaches…

1   Have a tendency to treat EACH PERSON and their situation DIFFERENTLY, and often use their intuition or inner guide. This type is good for those who want to go at their own pace, go deep, or have done inner work for years.

2   Are HARDER TO FIND. One reason is that they don’t spend a lot of their money marketing. Another reason is they don’t need as many clients.

3   The PRICE depends on the coach. Usually, if the coach wants fewer clients, the price is higher. If the coach wants to help more people, the price is usually lower.

About the Cost

You can easily spend tons of money on help, especially if you are an INFJ personality type. There is nothing wrong with that!

But the belief that “you get what you pay for” isn’t always guaranteed. Instead of making a decision based on the price alone, use your higher source or intuition before making a huge commitment, especially if it will require even the smallest financial hardship. It is very unlikely that the higher source would ask you to go into debt to get help with your life’s journey.

Changing your mind about what you want to spend your money on is one thing. But if you are already on a super tight budget, consider other options, or ask your higher source or intuition if it is meant to be to provide you with the funds.

Follow Your Core Beliefs

Unless you are out for the experience of something new (INFP and ENFP personality types often search for new adventures), then find a life coach or process that is aligned with your core beliefs—someone who gets you and you get them. It will make communication and understanding the concepts a lot easier.

Any program or anyone that you are truly excited about or feel a connection with would benefit you.

The Last Word About a Program or a Coach

No matter how great everyone thinks the program or coach is, pay attention to how you feel when you see their website or marketing materials, or how you feel when you hear their voice. Do you get confused by the wording or what they say? These are all signs from the universe. Check and double-check with your higher source or intuition before you make the final decision.

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