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Twin Flame Relationship: Why Are We So Impatient?

With my coaching clients I am often asked, “How can I be more patient while I’m waiting to be with my twin flame?” A large part of the answer is to realize why we get so impatient.

Why Do We Get So Impatient?



We have a tendency to blame our twin flame, their current partner, anyone or anything else for the separation. That makes it a waiting game—waiting for our twin flame to come to their senses, waiting for someone to get out of the way, or waiting for the circumstances to change. That way we have no responsibility for separation at all, except to learn to be patient.



We have a tendency to think being physically with our twin flame is the end goal. Once we are with our twin flame, we can finally set up house and go back to a normal way of living. We think the end product will be feeling better, more comfortable, and more secure we he/she is near us.

Thinking the relationship is a normal romance where we live happily ever after is misleading. Having a twin flame means we will learn to unconditionally love her/him no matter what they say or do, whether she/he is physically with us or not.



This is the most important reason why we are impatient. If we were doing our own inner work, we would feel the progress every single day.

We would be busy letting go of the ego’s 3rd dimension mindset and releasing feeling unworthy, afraid, guilty, limited, and yes, feeling impatient.

We would be learning and using 4th dimension mindset tools. Telepathy, astro projection visits, vivid dreams, and psychic abilities achieve a closer twin flame connection than we ever thought possible without physically seeing, hearing, and touching them.

We would be watching ourselves transform into the hero in our own lives—nothing to feel impatient about.


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