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The Connectivity Seeker

Are you an INFJ personality type (according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) who loves deep meaningful conversations? Do you have the ability to forecast future events? Maybe you tend to be controlling.

Learning more about being an INFJ can be liberating. It can help you stop doubting yourself and trying to be like others. It can also help you understand who you are, and why you think, feel, and behave the way you do—which can be soooo clarifying.

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27 Signs You Might Have an INFJ Personality Type

If you take the time to figure out which of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types you lean towards the most, it will give you clues to unlocking who you are and your preferences. It’s like having a basic compass that provides you a direction, leaving out each individual’s variations.

Of course, taking the actual MBTI is the best way to find out for sure what type you lean towards. But if you want to try to find out on your own, this might help you.

I divided this list into two separate parts, the main signs and the not-so-obvious signs. If you don’t identify with the main ones, you probably lean towards another personality type.

7 Main Signs That You Might Have an INFJ Personality Type…

INFJs tend to…

1   Believe everything is connected and are almost always looking to see how the pieces join together.

2   Naturally operate from intuition or inner guidance. When they try to disconnect from it, their whole lives go haywire.

3   Be deep thinkers and thrive on understanding complex ideas.

4   Desire emotional intimacy. They want to develop deep, authentic, one-on-one relationships.

5   Have an eerie ability to forecast the future—being able to foresee social trends or disasters before they happen.

6   Be wired with an “all or nothing” attitude. They are usually obsessed with things or they want nothing to do with them.

7   Function noticeably better when they have a cause, purpose, or point of focus.

Read the next session for the not-so-obvious signs.

21 Not-so-Obvious Signs You Might Have an INFJ Personality Type…

INFJs tend to…

1   Need plenty of alone time to reflect and recharge.

2   Have a built-in curiosity and seem to be always asking why.

3   Have a hard time enjoying the moment. They are mostly future oriented.

4   Be concerned with the “BIG picture,” trying to connect the dots.

5   Look and find their twin flame

6   Have the power to motivate others, being the most persuasive of all the personality types.

7   Need order and structure with things in their external world. That means they plan and organize a lot.

8   Dislike small talk, but thoroughly enjoy having deep conversations with others.

9   Have a strong desire to progress, grow, and improve themselves.

10   Reflect on the past only to put the pieces together in hindsight and to get clues about what will happen in the future.

11   Hate conflict.

12   Be more attracted to the mental and spiritual than the material and concrete.

14   Have excellent listening skills.

15   Place a high value on honesty and telling the truth.

16   Have an intense laser-like focus with things they are passionate about.

17   Be perfectionists, causing them to not give themselves enough credit.

18   Doubt themselves.

19   Be great at sharing their insights by teaching, advising, counseling, or through their writing.

20   Spend lots of time on reflection before they act.

21   Be highly sensitive to other’s moods, emotions, and even their thoughts.

If you identify with all of the main signs and most of the not-so-obvious signs, you are probably an INFJ personality type. It’s estimated that less than 2% of the population are INFJs. No wonder so many feel that no one understands them.

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