Personality Types

More Information, Quizzes, and Products About 3 Different Personality Types

Learning more about your personality type (according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) can be liberating. It can help you understand who you are, and why you think, feel, and behave the way you do—which can free you from judging yourself for not being like others.for not being like others.


The Connectivity Seeker


The Nonconforming Dreamer


The Reliable Caretaker

Personality Type Intuition QUIZZES

It’s one thing to know what Myers-Briggs personality type you lean towards and another thing to use it to learn how to maximize your intuition or inner guidance.

Each personality type receives intuitive insights in their own way—a way that is perfect for them. But until we find our intuitive methods, understand them, and pay attention to them, we usually can’t take advantage of them.

Take the quiz that fits your personality type and find out if you are currently taking full advantage of your intuition or inner guidance.

My Personality Type Products

Check out eBooks on how INFJ, INFP, and ISFJ personality types use their intuition.