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How Do You Know for SURE if You Have Found Your Twin Flame?

Are you one of those who have read every blog and watched every video you can find on the signs of having a twin flame? Maybe you have most of the signs, but not all of them. That can get confusing! To top that off, one person might say one thing and another say something else. Who’s right? No wonder you might still have doubts whether you have found your twin flame or not!

Brace yourself!

The only way you will know for SURE is if you go inward.

Relying on someone outside of yourself to tell you what’s going on inside yourself can give you a starting point, but it can’t take you home. You have to do that yourself!

Take time to ask yourself (your higher self, your inner guide, or your intuition) the big question. Then, this is the hard part, have a willingness to hear the honest answer. Only you will know if she/he is the one.


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