Twin Flame Course

Does This Describe You?

You found the love of your life—someone unlike anyone you had ever met—then had an intense, wonderful relationship. The next thing you knew, one of you got up and walked away.  And months (or years) later you still can’t stop thinking about that person, nor have an ongoing relationship with them.

Or maybe you identify with the part that you know who the love of your life is, and can’t stop thinking about them, but just haven’t had a wonderful, in the flesh, relationship with them yet.

If either version describes you, this Self-Study Course is for You!


How to Have a Happy Outcome with Your

Twin Flame Relationship!

 Self Study Course


Who Would Benefit from this Program?

If you…

  • Are sure or not sure you’ve met your twin flame, but have been struggling with a difficult relationship.
  • Are extremely interested in twin flame relationships, whether you have met your twin flame or not.
  • Want to have an amazing romantic relationship.
  • Desire to move from a 3rd dimension mindset and grow into a higher dimension consciousness within your romantic relationships.

“When I first started this course I was an emotional and anxious mess.  I was in actuality filled with fear and doubt.  As I worked my way through these lessons I could slowly start to feel myself shift and feel better.  Now sitting here I have more faith in this journey than I ever have.  And while I now know this process is like a long adventure, it’s sure nice to have a treasure map to guide my way.”

Jay W., NYC  

About the Course

This self-study program contains 11 different written sections and 8 audio recordings. Each goes deeper and builds on the information from the previous one.

It goes into great depth, explaining what is actually going on in your relationship, what you need to do to have a happy outcome, and how to work through each step.

Throughout the program there are explanations, exercises, affirmations, meditations, examples, and dozens of other methods to help you understand and do your own twin flame inner work.

“This twin flame course is the most concise explanation of what happens when you encounter a twin flame and how to process it. I have done other meditations before and affirmations, but this is definitely the most thorough explanation I’ve seen.”

Kristine M.         

Here’s What You Get in Detail

You’ll find out…


  • How to get started and to make the most of this course.
  • Where everything is located for reference.


  • The obvious signs, and more importantly, the not-so-obvious signs that you are in a twin flame relationship.
  • The purpose of having a twin flame.
  • An analogy for the twin flame experience.
  • Why twin flames run and 4 things that will help you understand it fully.


    • How to make a commitment for a happy outcome, what it involves, why it’s important, and techniques for actually doing it.
    • Signs you haven’t made a commitment for a happy outcome yet.
    • Important things to know about using psychics and spiritual teachers concerning your twin flame relationship.


      • What the 3rd dimension mindset is, why you need to release it, and how to do it with your relationship.
      • Ways to improve how you feel.
      • How to get relief from being depressed, missing your twin flame, letting your twin flame hurt your feelings, feeling sad, and feeling unworthy.
      • When to not reach out to your twin flame and why.
      • How to pay attention to all the signs from the universe, how you can identify signs, what they mean, and how to ask for signs.


        • 12 ways your life and self-identity will change as you get closer to a happy outcome, and 6 ways to deal with these changes.
        • How to telepathically pick up your twin flame’s inner thoughts and feelings. Included are examples, how to test yourself, and the advantages of knowing your twin flame’s thoughts and feelings.
        • Some of the typical patterns to watch out for and how to get relief from each, such as being angry, trying to please, hiding the truth, and feeling guilty.
        • Signs you are adapting to the higher dimensions.


          • About feeling jealous and what to do to end it.
          • Why it’s important to extend love, and how to practice it.
          • The real reasons for problems in the relationship, how to redefine problems with the higher dimension’s perception, and different ways to see problems as gifts.
          • Easy ways to improve your ability to use your intuition or inner guide.
          • The meaning of giving from the higher dimension’s viewpoint, the advantages of doing it this way, and how to give to your twin flame now.

            PART SEVEN- WHAT’S NEXT?

            • What the wobble or doubt entails.
            • 6 ways to know if you still have wobble, and how to release each one of them.
            • Why you would want to reach out to your twin flame when you have a wobble, and what happens when you do.


              • How to know if you are being guided, and 6 ways to clarify the messages.
              • How to know if you are trying too hard and what to do about it.
              • Why it’s important to build momentum in the relationship, how to do it, and 2 samples.
              • The advantages of surrendering the relationship, why it’s important, and how to actually do it.
              • How to know when it’s the perfect time to reach out to your twin flame.
              • How to know if a happy outcome is close.

                PART NINE – ALMOST THERE

                • The difference between a 3rd dimension relationship and a higher dimension relationship.
                • How to stop make sacrifices in your relationship.
                • Why having expectations is hard on a twin flame relationship.
                • What stops twin flame union and ways to change your mindset about it.

                  PART TEN- TAKING IT HOME

                  • How to take the relationship experience to a deeper spiritual level.
                  • Two ways to form expectations and why it makes a difference which one you use.
                  • What requires faith and what doesn’t.
                  • How to get “a knowing” feeling and premonitions about your relationship.
                  • An explanation of the inner process we often need to go through to have a lasting happy outcome.

                    PART ELEVEN- THE LAST STEP

                    • What you didn’t know.
                    • What the deepest love possible is and how to experience it.
                    • About the twin flame union and what it takes to get it.

                      Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

                      INCLUDED ARE 8 AUDIO RECORDINGS ON…                                                                          

                      1   About Detaching

                      2   How We Lose Hope in a Twin Flame Relationship

                      3   How to Deal with the Sudden Emotional Lows in a Twin Flame Relationship

                      4    Audio for Surrender Exercise in Part 8

                      5    Inner Guidance Meditation for Twin Flames

                      6   Relationship Meditation for Twin Flames

                      7    Ease Faith Exercise for Twin Flames

                      8   Unconditional Love Exercise for Twin Flames

                      Extra Bonus!

                      FOR THOSE WHO LIVE IN THE USA

                      20% Off of One-on-One Coaching Sessions

                      For those who want…

                      • A deeper understanding of the program’s concepts and how to apply them in their own situation.
                      • Extra support with this wild and intense twin flame adventure.
                      • Help with using their inner guide or intuition.

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                      "Her expert advice has allowed me to take my twin flame relationship to the next level and move away from the 3rd dimension. Forever grateful."

                      Eric M., Marina del Rey, CA

                      About Vickie Champion

                      I have been a life coach for over 20 years, studying and applying self-help and spiritual concepts in my own life and sharing them with my clients. My favorite resources are A Course in Miracles and Abraham Hicks.

                      In late 2011, I started feeling an intense connection with someone, and four months later, I was told who it was. I proceeded to spend the next 2½ years being bombarded with woo-woo and spiritual experiences, all the while thinking I had gone over the deep end and was absolutely crazy. I tried desperately to get rid of the connection with this woman. No matter what spiritual principles I used, I couldn’t shake this relationship off.

                      When I finally stopped fighting my relationship with her, I started feeling better. I began receiving lots of “aha moments” and guidance on how to navigate and understand the twin flame relationship.

                      Questions to Ask Yourself…

                      1   Am I in or out?  Is it extremely hard to walk away, or do I have a pattern of trying to break up and then wanting to make up?

                      2   Am I crazy? Do I feel and feeling like I’m on an emotional roller coaster with ecstatic highs and some really scary lows? Am I starting to doubt myself like never before?

                      3   Am I ready to learn? Do I want to keep ignoring my inner guidance or intuition? Do I want to understand the paranormal and spiritual experiences that are happening?

                      4   Am I getting nowhere? Where do I start unraveling this twin flame journey? Have most of my attempts to reach out to my twin flame gotten no response?

                      5   Is anyone out there? Why am I having such a difficult time finding others who can really understand what I’m going through? Do I have to keep doing this alone?

                      If you have answered YES to any of these questions, this course could definitely help you.

                      This course is an instant download.

                      How to Have a Happy Outcome with your Twin Flame Relationship Course!


                      Offering a Discounted Price!


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