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Twin Flame Course

Are you having a difficult time managing your romantic relationship? At times, do you think you are going crazy? Do you find yourself struggling with the ups and downs, twists and turns of the relationship?


This Course is for You!

How to Have a Happy Outcome with Your

Twin Flame Relationship!


Who Would Benefit from this Course?

If you…

  • Are interested in twin flame relationships, whether you have met your twin flame or not.
  • Are not sure you’ve met your twin flame, but you’re struggling with a difficult relationship.
  • Want to have an amazing romantic relationship.
  • Have a desire to grow from a 3rd dimension mindset to a higher dimension consciousness.

How to Have a Happy Outcome with your Twin Flame Relationship Course


About the Course

It consists of over 200 pages presented in 9 different PDF’s. Each section goes deeper and builds on the information in the previous section.

You won’t find this information searching the internet! This course offers much more than the usual information you’ll find in blogs and videos. It goes into great depth, explaining what is actually going on in your relationship, what you need to do to have a happy outcome, and how to work through each step.

It helps you…

  • Really understand the complex concepts of a twin flame relationship.
  • Stop the runner/chaser pattern.
  • Make sense of what you might be going through and how to deal with each experience.
  • Learn how to pay attention and use your inner guide or intuition.
  • Get in a state of mind where you won’t sabotage your relationship again.
  • Shift from a 3rd dimension mindset into a higher dimension consciousness.
  • Speed up your timeline.
  • Achieve a happy outcome.


with the 9 PDF’s

A complimentary coaching session over the phone to help you understand the concepts in the program

and answer all your questions.

This phone session is only available for those in the United States or Canada.


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“To read the definition of a twin flame is easy, but it’s something completely different to experience the relationship itself. It’s been almost 2 years since I learned of the twin flame concept and during that time, I’ve researched many websites and seen a lot of content describing what a twin flame is and how to identify them.

The missing piece has always been finding clear instruction on how to balance and maneuver WITHIN the twin flame relationship. Vickie’s guidance is invaluable because the relationship is definitely not the average boy meets girl scenario. In addition to having its own unique issues and hurdles, the twin flame journey also involves complicated topics like spirituality, unconditional love, unconscious thought patterns and telepathy. Without clear instruction and guidance, the twin flame experience can be very confusing and painful.

Vickie’s course provided an easy to read format that drills directly down to the core of the relationship, offering the dos, the don’ts and every step in between. Gaining clarity and understanding how to proceed with unconditional love and compassion, became a reality for me using her course as a road map.”

Kathy C.


About Vickie Champion

I have been a full-time life coach for over 20 years, studying and applying self-help and spiritual concepts in my own life and sharing them with my clients. My favorite resources are A Course in Miracles, Abraham Hicks, and the Sanaya Roman books.

In late 2011 I started feeling an intense connection with someone and four months later I was told who it was.  I proceeded to spend the next 2½ years being bombarded with woo-woo and spiritual experiences, all the time thinking I had gone over the deep end and was absolutely crazy. I tried desperately to get rid of the connection with this woman. No matter what spiritual principles I used, I couldn’t shake this relationship off.

Not until I stopped fighting my relationship with her, did I start getting aha’s and guidance on how navigate and understand the relationship.


“The title of this program really is a great summary of how things are always possible for Twins- and it’s value is a good price for very down to earth practical applications to enjoy your journey. Many programs are being sold for Twins but many are more expensive. If you are considering purchasing a very down to earth program that is effective, practical and can be used for a lifetime, I recommend this purchase.”

Bonnie M.

Questions to ask yourself…

1   Am I having an extremely hard time walking away from this relationship?

2   Am I having a difficult time finding others who can really understand what I’m going through?

3   Are there times that I feel like I’m going crazy?

4   Do I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster with ecstatic highs and some really scary lows?

5   Do I have a pattern of trying to break up and then wanting to make up?

6   Am I starting to doubt myself like never before?

7   Do I want to understand the paranormal and spiritual experiences that are happening?

8   Am I ignoring my inner guidance or intuition?

9   Am I totally overwhelmed with where to start unraveling this twin flame journey?

10   Have most of my attempts to reach out to my twin flame gotten no response?

11   Am I tired of doing this alone?


If you have answered YES to many of these questions, this course could definitely help you.


This course is an Instant Download.

How to Have a Happy Outcome with your Twin Flame Relationship Course!


For security, all orders are processed on a secured PCI compliant server and PayPal.


If you can’t decide today on this study program, read my twin flame blogs and watch my videos. See if they resonate with you!