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5 Disadvantages of Blaming

As you probably read in my previous post (if not, go to 5 Advantages of Blaming first), there are lots of advantages to laying the blame for our current situation.  No matter what’s happening there are reasons to blame someone or something. But stop to consider—there are two sides to everything, and where there are advantages there are also disadvantages.  Let’s explore the downside to pointing an accusing finger at just about anyone we can think of.

Here are Some Disadvantages of Blaming…

  • It camouflages our real problem, the way we live and our own mindset.
  • We can easily become paralyzed, scared to death to make any decisions.
  • It keeps our focus away from appreciating what we do have and what’s going right.
  • Whether we realize it or not, we lose a little self-esteem every time we blame something or someone, including ourselves, for what’s happening.
  • We feel we are victims, and powerless to change our situation.


Although it is a common reaction to find our favorite scapegoat when things go wrong, the truth is all that finger pointing really just points us in the wrong direction.  It is a knee-jerk reaction that gives us a brief moment of satisfaction, yet ultimately leaves us floundering about the world in fear.

We can either blame or stop blaming!  We can empower ourselves to move forward and change the way we think and live. Once we take responsibility for our part in our own situations, we can take power over it.  This will lower our fear levels, raise our self-esteem, and turn any situation in a positive direction!


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