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How the Twin Flame Experience is a Hero’s Journey

There are different versions of the Hero’s Journey, some simpler with less stages and some more complex with more stages. Probably the most popular one is from the mythologist Joseph Campbell. I’ve used a shorter, simpler version that most twin flames could easily identify with.

Here’s How the Twin Flame Experience is a Hero’s Journey…


There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when we are asked to go out of our comfort zone and stretch beyond what we think is possible. Sometimes the calling begins with a tragic event or a dilemma we’re facing—an external pressure. Sometimes it starts with a feeling of discontent and uneasiness—something rising up from deep within.

With both beginnings, the calling is something pulling our lives in a completely different direction and causing us stress.  It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, as it is in a twin flame relationship, to ignore it or try to control it.

Somewhere inside, we know a bigger life awaits us where we become the hero in our own life.



We have the tendency to resist or fight against the call of being with our twin flame, trying desperately to return back to the way our life used to be—normal like others. We are scared to death that we are being pushed into sacrificing all the good things we have going for us, and that our deviation from the normal way of living will lead to our demise.

Along with watching our life being pulled in a completely different direction, there is an enormous amount of doubt about whether she/he is the right one and if this relationship is even of a twin flame origin. We don’t want to waste time and effort on the wrong person, do we?

The refusal can last for years until we stop doubting, resisting, and fighting the call to be with our object of affection, whether that person is our twin flame or not. All we have to do is jump in and make a commitment to the journey, wherever it takes us.

When we commit, and mean it, the fear subsides—and is replaced by a feeling of relief that we are now going in the right direction, no matter how abnormal or crazy it seems.



Once we commit to the journey, divine guidance appears. It can show up in all kinds of forms, often several at once, and change as the journey progresses. Sometimes we come across seasoned travelers or mentors who give us training, tools, or advice that will help on the twin flame journey. They show us how to use supernatural aids or 4th dimension mindset techniques.

We learn how to open up and pay attention to unusual phenomena such as signs from the universe, vivid dreams, telepathy, astro projection visits, and having increased psychic abilities.

Our mentors can go only so far with us on our journey. Eventually we have to face our fears alone. Sometimes our mentors are required to give us a swift kick in the behind to get us to move forward.

If we don’t try to jump in and take control of our journey, or recoil in fear, our twin flame journey gets easier with these aids. Then, our trust in our divine guidance, ourselves, and God or a Higher Power tends to grow with each step we take.



As the journey moves forward we are asked to begin leaving our old way of living and take the plunge into the unknown, where the rules and limits are not known (3rd dimension mindset).

An example could be moving to a different city, or even country to be closer to our twin flame. It could be breaking up with our current relationship.  Or it could be quitting our job.

Almost always it is closing a door before the next door opens—an act of faith. We have no idea of what will be involved, and how we will survive. No one can rescue us and we are on our own.



The ego knows we are beginning to release the 3rd dimension mindset and hangs on with all its might. It is so tempting to want to run from our fears, retreating to physical pleasures.

With every temptations we indulge in we realize the pleasures and comfort are no longer the gifts we once thought they were and are not satisfying at all. They were just illusions of safety and pleasure.

Temptations could be dating other people beside our twin flame, re-connecting with old friends we no longer have anything in common with, relapsing back into addictions or habits like people pleasing, accepting another job in the same industry because we are afraid of career change, or trying to go back home.

This is where the twin flame runner/chaser pattern comes into play. If one or both parties are tempted to go back to the 3rd dimension mindset of rules and limitations, the physical union cannot survive. The twin flames  will have to physically part to overcome the temptations.

We learn that relying on God or a Higher Power and using our supernatural aids can slay the dragons or temptations the ego conjures up—again, again, and again.

This can be an exciting part of the twin flame journey. Each victory over the ego, builds faith, enhances the feeling that nothing is impossible, and gives us momentary glimpses of a wonderful world, the 5th dimension.



The journey keeps moving us inward to the most dangerous spot, to confront our greatest fear and inner demons head on. It might appear we have been swallowed up and eaten alive. But really, we have only allowed the death of the 3rd dimension ego-self and let the 5th dimension soul-self rise up and come into power.

We realize our greatest fear was only a smoke screen hiding what we always knew—that we have been unlimited and connected to our twin flame all along. There was nothing to fear after all!!!



The reward is being free of fear and feeling at one with our twin flame—the life we always wanted. There is no need to feel inadequate or separate any longer.  We are at one, and able to align completely with God or a Higher Power in the 5th dimension.



After letting the ego’s 3rd dimension mindset die, we will often be called to share it with others in the ordinary world.  With our twin flame union, our combined light will be so strong that it will be extremely difficult for others not to shine their lights.

One of the purposes of a twin flame union is to be an example-that oneness and the 5th dimension mindset exists.


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