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17 Signs of Living in 4th Dimension

It seems like it would be harder if you took responsibility for your thoughts, but it’s not. The 4th dimension is all about embracing the power of your thoughts.

You are Living Mostly in the 4th Dimension When You…

1   Have the COURAGE to question norms, rules, obligations, and traditions.

2   Realize your THOUGHTS have a huge impact on your life.

3   Learn FORGIVENESS changes the direction of your life for the better.

4   Listen to people in AUTHORITY, but make your own decisions based on how it feels.

5   Believe SACRIFICE is not a requirement in relationships.

6   SET GOALS to achieve what you want. Usually this consists of getting more of  something or making it better. Examples are more money, more success, better relationships, or becoming a better person.

7   Find SAFETY within by using your thoughts and feelings.

8   Believe in a HIGHER POWER (GOD, Source, Spirit, Universe, or whatever you want to call it).

9   Begin listening to and following your INNER GUIDANCE or intuition.

10  Learn your thoughts can alleviate the PAIN in your body.

11  Take time for QUIET time, MEDITATION or PERSONAL GROWTH.

12  Are focused on getting the RESULTS or OUTCOME wanted.

13  Take CONTROL of your thoughts.


15  Believe what you EXPECT and how you FEEL will determine the outcome.

16  Notice things no longer have to take a lot of TIME and EFFORT.

17  Can sense that the ENERGY FIELD is lighter and less dense.

Have you noticed sometimes, no matter how many affirmations you do, and how many manifesting methods you practice, you come up empty handed? Sometimes what we feel is best for us, either isn’t necessarily the best for our future or for everyone else. Or maybe you have been aware that sometimes when you do get what you thought you wanted, it just doesn’t have the thrill you thought it would? I think these two factors alone eventually propel us to the 5th dimension consciousness, which is the easiest dimension yet.

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