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What Causes the Heartache in a Twin Flame Relationship?

What makes having a twin flame so darn difficult? The answer is easy. The only way it can be excruciating, is if you or both of you are trying to fit the relationship into a  3rd dimension box.

The 3rd dimension is about operating from rules, obligations, traditions and fear. The exact same thing the twin flame union is supposed to break out of and blow wide open.

Signs You are Trying to Shove Your Relationship into a 3rd Dimension Box is

When You…

1   Really think a CONVENTIONAL ROMANCE (trying to control your love like most couples) is going to be successful.

2   Have RIGID BELIEFS, characterized by polarities such as right/wrong, black/white, rich/poor, and feminine/masculine.

3   Believe your thoughts are PRIVATE and it’s OK to lie if you have a good reason.

4   Resist CALLING ON a Higher Power or God for help.

5   Think you need to DO something to FIX the relationship.

6   BLAME your twin, anyone or anything else for your current situation.

7   Think ANGER or JEALOUSY is justified.

8   Define INTIMACY as having your twin in physical proximity to you.

9   Give lots of importance to the AMOUNT of “I love you’s” said.

10  Wish your life could GO BACK to the way it used to be.

11  SACRIFICE and make compromises.

12  Expect your twin to DO things for you, and with you, to show their love.

13  Make PROMISES to control behaviors.

14  Pay very little attention to noticing your thoughts and more on trying to CONTROL what’s happening or what you think should happen.

15  COMPARE your relationship with other couples and wish for a normal relationship instead.

16  Feel you would be HAPPIER if things were different. Maybe if you were married, or with your twin all the time you would feel better.

17  Operate from CONDITIONAL LOVE. Only if they SAY and DO what you want, then you will love them more.

18  Use your twin to fill your box of NEEDS such as companionship, financial help, emotional support, or to make decisions for you.

19  Place importance on giving and receiving MATERIAL GIFTS that represent love such as birthday gifts, Valentine’s day gifts, and matrimonial gifts.

20  Think what your twin SAYS or DOES is more important than the LOVE you have for them.

21  Hold GRUDGES against your twin or anyone else.

22  Take relationship ADVICE SOLELY from loved ones, religious leaders, doctors, and therapists.

23  Neglect listening and following your INNER GUIDANCE or intuition.

24  Feel SEPARATE from your twin and from a Higher Power or God.

Now think about it. Do you really want to take the unconditional love and freedom out of the most loving relationship you’ll ever experience? Ask a Higher Power or God to help move you up to living mostly in the 4th and 5th dimension. You’ll find all the agony and pain in this relationship disappear.

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