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16 Signs You are Trying to Live in the 3rd Dimension

Have you noticed it’s getting harder and harder to live with the same principles your parents and grandparents did?  You’ve tried to follow the same old ways. Sometimes you can put yourself on auto-pilot and plow through it. Then there are times you suck it up and follow the established guidelines, and then feel absolutely miserable.  Let’s not forget the times, when no matter how hard you try, you can’t make yourself take the conventional route.

You’re Still Trying to Live in the 3rd Dimension When You…


2   Practice CONDITIONAL LOVE. Only if they say and do what you want, then you will love them more.

4   Take advice solely from people in AUTHORITY, such as religious leaders, political leaders, doctors, or scientists.

5    Focus on owning lots and lots of MATERIAL POSSESSIONS to feel better.

6    Have RIGID BELIEFS, characterized by polarities such as right/wrong, black/white, rich/poor, victim/victimizer, or feminine/masculine.

7    Believe REALITY is what you can actually physically see, hear, or touch.

8    Rarely listen and follow your INNER GUIDANCE or intuition.

9    Feel ANGER and GRUDGES are justified.

10  Tolerate your body feeling PAIN.

11  Try to find SAFETY in things outside of yourself such as in money, employers, guns, or a strong mate.

12   RESIST change.

13   Feel SEPARATE from others and from God or a Higher Power.

14  Have the habit of BLAMING someone or something else for your circumstance.

15  Strive to make things happen through PHYSICAL EFFORT.

16  Have an ENERGY FIELD that is dense and heavy.

The 3rd dimension is in the process of collapsing. You don’t have to live under the same limitations that your parents and grandparents did. Maybe all the pain that you experience in life is coming from trying to stay in the 3rd dimension.

You have a choice! You can either be one of the last holdouts in the 3rd dimension, or jump on the bandwagon and rise to the 4th and the 5th dimensions. Life is a lot easier when you move up.

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