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Solving Problems with the 3rd vs. 4th Dimension

Problems! We have them practically every day and sometimes several in a day. Once one gets resolved, another one pops up. Have you ever wondered why we have problems in the first place? There must be a reason.

Here’s How the 3rd vs. 4th Dimension Mindsets View Problems…

3rd Dimension Mindset

If we are in the 3rd dimension mindset we have a tendency to stay in our comfort zone and avoid changes as much as possible.

So, problems are viewed as pesky things—irritations.  This mindset has the unbending belief that the sooner it’s over, the faster life can return as normal.

How the 3rd Dimension Solves Problems

This mindset solves problems the way they always do—probably like they have had a habit of doing for years.  They might avoid making a decision altogether, let others solve it for them, people please, or use past experiences.  As with all habits, in the back of their minds is the belief that as soon as this situation blows over, they can snuggle back into their comfort zone, thinking the problem is long gone.

But is it? If we look closely and think back, we find a pattern of problems recurring time and time again. It only seems to be a different problem because the people have changed, and the circumstances are slightly  different, but at the core it is the same theme.

“You can never solve a problem at the level it was created.”

Albert Einstein

That means if we have a habit of not wanting change in our lives, we will have a series of the same type of problems, deciding on the same type of solutions until we change our mindset and solve it differently.


4th Dimension Mindset

The 4th dimension mindset views problems as a welcomed change, knowing with every problem comes a solution that makes their life better than before.

“Do I want the problem, or do I want the answer?”

A Course in Miracles

That means we can choose which one we want: the core problem over and over, because we are afraid of change, or the answer that will solve the problem for good and give us something better.

How the 4th Dimension Solves Problems

This mindset solves problems by asking their inner guide or intuition, then welcoming any answer, especially if it is something they have never done previously and doesn’t even seem logical.


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