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Feeling Trapped & the 3rd Dimension

Have you ever found yourself feeling trapped—like there was no way out? You know, when you feel paralyzed, stuck in a dark dungeon with no hope of finding the light.

There is probably no one who hasn’t felt that way at one time or another. It could have been with a situation such as a job, finances, family, a relationship, or any other circumstance we found ourselves in. Or it could be several things at once, as if we are imprisoned by our own life. Miserable feeling, huh?

Good News!

What causes this is only a 3rd dimension mindset. It’s not the situation at all. It’s only our mindset about the situation that causes us to feel paralyzed and doomed.

About the 3rd Dimension

The 3rd Dimension mindset is about trying to live by set rules, traditions, and obligations—any reason we have to limit what we can or can’t do.

Examples would be…

“I can’t leave my job… until I find another one.”

“I can’t leave my job… until I retire.”

“I need to stay married the rest of my life… even though both of us are absolutely miserable.”

“I can’t leave my spouse… it will hurt the kids.”

“I can’t go on a vacation… I don’t have enough money.”

“If I love my family… I will give them money when they ask for it.”

“I need a college education… to earn a good living.”

The Turning Point

There comes a time when those limiting rules, traditions, obligations are threatened by the desire to be free—free of being limited, free of the feeling of dying inside, and even free of the enormous fear that comes with wanting to be free.

Shocking to Know!

Feeling trapped is a good thing! It get’s us to the point where we are so tired of being restricted, we muster some courage to brush the fear aside and break free. We are finally willing to disobey our set rules, traditions, and obligations that are holding us down.

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