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Feeling Safe & 3rd, 4th Dimension

Wow! It feels like events are escalating now at a faster pace. It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to just relax and take it easy. Knowing what feeling secure looks like in each of the dimensions may help get you grounded.

3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension is about trying to feel safe using things OUTSIDE of themselves. They look for security in belongings, promises, others, and established formulas.

This mindset has a difficult time with CHANGE, which makes this harder. So, they tend to want things to stay the same to feel safe.


Typical Things the 3rd Dimension Tries to Find Security In…

  • Money
  • Possessions
  • Partners or Spouses
  • Family & Friends
  • Jobs
  • Higher Education
  • Owning a Home
  • High Credit Score
  • Door Locks
  • Guns
  • Government
  • Experts
  • Religious Leaders

The Problem!

The trouble with only relying on things OUTSIDE of yourself for security is that they are not always dependable or fail to make you feel safe.


4th Dimension

The 4th dimension is about feeling secure from WITHIN. This mindset takes responsibility for feeling safe and focuses on the power of their thoughts, feelings, and God or a Higher Power to guide them. That way, no outside events or changes can make them feel unsafe.


Typical Things the 4th Dimension Finds Security In…

  • Positive thoughts
  • Switching their perspective about the situation
  • Using their inner guidance or intuition for safety
  • Believing basically all change is for the better
  • God or a Higher Power


What to Do to Feel Safe!

Things are changing very quickly nowadays. The 3rd dimension is in the process of dissolving. So, if you don’t rely so much on things OUTSIDE of you and rely more WITHIN, the safer you will feel. As an added perk things are also, easier and more enjoyable in the 4th dimension.

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