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Time Is a Sign You Have Found Your Twin Flame

Are you still unsure you have found your twin flame? Have you been on your twin flame journey less than a couple of years? More time will help you get clarity.

Time will tell if you have found your twin flame.

One of the signs the universe gives us is the amount of time we think about the same person day in and day out. It usually takes the universe years to finally convince us that we have really found our twin flame.

Here’s why…

If it’s an obsessive or ego-based relationship, our deep desire to be with that person begins to fade almost immediately. The attraction for that person is centered around trying to GET something from them, such as companionship, security, the ability to feel worthy, or money. It’s extremely difficult to wait for any length of time for the same person when we are focused on filling our imagined needs.

If it’s a twin flame relationship, our deep desire to be with that person is consistent over time, even though we may have periods that it’s less intense. But the desire stays consistent. The attraction for that person comes from wanting to GIVE unconditional love to them. That makes the relationship timeless.

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