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What Causes Your Inability to Receive?

We hear it all the time, “I have a difficult time receiving.” We tend to assume our inability to receive is something we need to work on and improve. But is it? Here are two different mindsets to explore regarding not being able to receive kindness or gifts.

About Receiving with the 3rd Dimension Mindset

This mindset is focused on following rules someone has made up. It’s usually known as good manners.

In this case, the rule could be the following: If someone gives us compliments or gifts, we need to be gracious, appreciate it, and say, “thank you.”

If we are unable to do that, we think it’s wrong. This mindset not only sets up the rules, but it loves to judge us if we don’t follow them.

Judging something as wrong causes the need to punish. More often than not, we punish ourselves by thinking we don’t deserve what we want, desire, or dream of.

That in return causes us to deflect kindness and gifts. Then we hunker down and try harder to follow the rules. This keeps us in an endless cycle.


Receiving with the 4th Dimension Mindset

The 4th dimension is focused not on trying to behave according to rules, but on following inner guidance or intuition.

Often, people give compliments, gifts and kindness in order to get something in return. If we are listening to our inner guidance or intuition, we know when someone is trying to give us a gift with strings attached.

Sometimes our inner guide or intuition tells us to go ahead and accept it graciously.  Sometimes we are told to accept it ungraciously and without a “thank you.” And sometimes we are told not accept it with a “no thanks.”

There is no need for us to judge any of these as wrong. In fact, if we forget the 3rd dimension rules and follow our inner guidance or intuition, it discourages others from lying to us, and cuts off lots of unpleasant situations in the future.

Did you know trying to follow rules, and judging it as wrong, can easily cause us to feel undeserving and unworthy.

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