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What Makes the Twin Flame Separation So Hard?

I know the magnetic pull sometimes is so strong it seems unbearable, and you want to be physically near your twin flame sooo bad. But if you believed being physically separated was only going to make the relationship more amazing in the long run, would it be so hard?

Things That Make the Twin Flame Separation So Hard…

When we…

  • Think being near our twin flame’s body is more important than having an out-of-this-world amazing relationship with them.
  • Blame ourselves, our twin flame, anyone, or anything for the separation.
  • Let ourselves get depressed and hopeless because we are physically apart from our twin flame.
  • Don’t really believe in God, Higher Power, Inner Guide, Source, Spirit, Universe, Guides, Angels, Divine, Jesus, or whatever we want to call that higher source that knows way more than we do.
  • Try to avoid making changes of any kind, especially with our thoughts and beliefs.
  • Are afraid of learning a new way of communicating with our twin flame, such as feeling the energy, telepathy, and astral projection.
  • Neglect listening and following our intuition, inner guidance, or gut feelings.
  • Believe all we have to do is to learn to be patient and wait until we are together again. That makes us put our inner work on hold.
  • Think if someone apologized it would help end the separation.
  • Pay very little attention to our mindset and more on trying to control what’s happening or what we think should happen.
  • Think loneliness and why we miss our twin flame comes from not having their body touching or near our body.

Now think about it. Do you really want to make being physically separated from your twin flame into a painful experience? Or do you want to use it to make the relationship even better?

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