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How to Attract or Seduce Your Twin Flame

Are you doing anything and everything to be in your twin flame’s arms, but getting no response, or worse, the opposite of the response that you want? Maybe you were ghosted on social media or she/he changed their phone number.

Unfortunately, the twin flame relationship is NOT a normal relationship. What we’ve used to charm and entice others won’t work very well with our twin flame.  Here’s why…

3rd Dimension Ways to Attract a Twin Flame

This mindset concentrates on doing things to GET noticed. We have the “look at me” attitude to lure our twin flame in. Look how attractive I am, and what I am willing to do or say to GET your attention. This is usually done by using things our twin flame can physically see, hear, or touch.

The 3rd Dimension Mindset Attracts by Using…


We will go to any length to improve our appearance, especially if we think our twin flame is more attractive than we are. Of course, we will lose weight and strengthen our muscles. We might even get pearly white teeth, wear heels, wear the color red to seem more passionate, or smile often to appear more attractive.

2   WORDS-

We can use all sorts of ways to GET noticed with words, such as complimenting our twin flame, being sexually suggestive, making promises, apologizing, and saying endearing things such as, “I love you.” Then, we could top it off by using a seductive voice or emojis to appear more desirable.

If that doesn’t GET their attention, we can try to make our twin flame feel bad about what she/he did or didn’t do.


This means we do something to GET noticed. Taking action covers a broad area.  We could physically touch our twin flame to get their attention. We could do something they like or expect to please them. We could try to rescue them and fix their problems. Or we could take action because we are worried about them.

We could even go so far as to constantly drive by their house or show up at places they frequent.


4th Dimension Mindset is a Better Way to Attract Your Twin Flame

This mindset concentrates on GIVING to attract. We work really hard to learn how to give unconditional love to our twin flame by using loving thoughts, gratitude, forgiveness, and our inner guidance or intuition. Instead of the “look at me and what I am doing” attitude to pull them in, we become a magnet so strong our twin flame can’t resist moving towards it.

Why Don’t 3rd Dimension Ways Work?

It’s simple. It’s not a normal relationship based on conditional love (i.e. if you look and act the way I like, I will love you). It’s an out-of-this-world amazing relationship and it takes unconditional love to make it manifest for any length of time.

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