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Free Will vs. Destiny: A Comparison

Let’s take a really good look at the differences between believing in free will and believing in destiny. Take your time. Some or all of these points may take reflection to comprehend fully.

The Differences Between Free Will and Destiny…


Free Will…

Most of us define free will as the ability to make choices as a separate individual, as one wishes, without these choices being predestined by fate or divine will.

With that definition, it makes our goal more self-serving and centered around getting what we want.


Most of us define destiny as believing there is a force (God, Higher Power, Divine, Spirit, Source, Universe, or whatever else you want to call it) that controls what happens in the future.

This definition takes our goal off of ourselves and striving to make what we want happen. Instead, it allows us to focus on learning to love.


Free Will…

Believing in free will makes us feel bogged down with the ongoing pressure to make choices. To add to the confusion, we think we have several options to choose from with every decision.


Believing in destiny frees us up from the complexity of decision making and gives us only one choice—are we going to choose love? Once love is chosen, we will either automatically know the answer through our intuition, or the issue will automatically be solved for us. Sometimes the situation just disappears, like magic.


Free Will…

With free will we worry about making mistakes, believing that each choice has the power in some way to define our future. So much pressure to get it right!


With destiny there is only a choice—to perceive things from love or to wait. If we decide to wait, we are only delaying the experience of the power of love.


Free Will…

Believing in free will means our decisions can hurt other people and the decisions of others can hurt us. This produces a victim and  a victimizer point of view. Therefore, free will makes it extremely difficult to forgive ourselves, or others.


Believing in destiny means nothing can hurt people except their thoughts about the person(s) or event. Taking responsibility for the way we think empowers us, so no one can ever hurt us again and we are not afraid we can hurt others. Therefore, destiny makes it easy to forgive ourselves and others.

Here’s the amazing part! Every time we choose love, it takes away the painful part of the event and often changes the outcome.


Free will…

The definition of free will implies we are separate individuals, which means we are striving to do everything all alone. It also means God or the Higher Source also is separate.


The definition of destiny implies we are part of the oneness. Everyone is significant and has a special part to play.


On the surface it seems the power and benefits of believing in free will are enormous and allow us to do what we want when we want. What FREEDOM! And the INDEPENDENCE!

But, is it really that great? Think of all the worry we have about making a mistake, or how we let things we think we have done wrong haunt us.

Then there are those times we wanted something really bad, and no matter how hard we tried, we were left empty handed. Or the isolation and loneliness we often feel.

The real power and benefits come from choosing love and leaving what happens in the future to the force (God or a Higher Source) and destiny.  It makes our lives focused on unconditional love, gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness.

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