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Twin Flame: A Positive Way to Think About Being Obsessive

Probably all twin flames have obsessive personalities, or at least that’s what I have experienced with myself and the people who have reached out to me for help with their relationships. You might even say the whole twin flame concept is about obsessing—thinking about one person over and over.

Many years ago, I went to a workshop where the speaker took a descriptive word and defined it in two completely opposite ways—the negative definition and the positive definition. I remember him talking about the word “aggressive.”  On the one hand, it means hostile, pushy and offensive. On the other hand, “aggressive” means passionate, determined, and strong. The speaker asked for descriptive words from the audience and every time he came up with two ways to look at the word—the bad, wrong, and negative angle and the good, right, and positive angle.

Let’s take a look at the word “obsessive.” Most definitions associate the word with anxiety and mental illness. It’s doing something excessively to an unreasonable degree, being fixated, and addictive. No wonder we twin flames think we are crazy!

Try to think about being “obsessive” the positive way. Define it as driven, focused, passionate, and engaged. Why, almost everyone who is successful with anything is obsessive and has done it excessively to an unreasonable degree.


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