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42 Signs You Feel Unworthy

Sometimes the way out of a mindset is first acknowledging how lousy we feel about ourselves and how it is impacting the quality of our lives. This list is for those who are tired of ignoring the elephant in the room and willing to begin taking the first steps to change it.

Here’s 42 Signs We Feel Unworthy…   

When we…

1   Don’t think we deserve what we want.

2   Are extremely critical of ourselves.

3   Have a tendency to people please or be too nice.

4   Strive to be perfect.

5   Feel intimidated or inferior around certain people.

6   Constantly worry about what we did or did not do.

7   Have plenty of regrets.

8   Strongly believe we need to do something to be loved or accepted.

9   Are afraid to make the wrong decisions.

10   Think there are things we can improve on or change to be worthier.

11   Stay crazy busy trying to prove our worth.

12   Think other opinions are more important than our own.

13   Deprive ourselves of the things we want.

14   Are easily deceived or misled by others.

15   Have a hard time asking for or accepting help.

16   Feel we are never good enough.

17   Don’t like the person we have become.

18   Have a fear of not living up to others’ expectations.

19   Find ourselves sacrificing and compromising more often than not.

20   Lack the willingness to forgive ourselves.

21   Are afraid to tell the truth.

22   Often feel depressed.

23   Feel we would be worthier if we looked, spoke, or acted differently.

24   Are afraid we will feel like a failure.

25   Find ourselves envious of others.

26   Think we were born less fortunate than others.

27   Think about our past mistakes a lot.

28   Have a hard time communicating and expressing our thoughts and feelings to others.

29   Have a difficult time looking into other’s eyes.

30   Feel guilty and apologize often.

31   Have a hard time accepting kindness from others.

32   Feel guilty about not accomplishing enough.

33   Think we are flawed or defective in some way.

34   Focus on what we are doing wrong and our faults.

35   Find it difficult to accept praise or appreciation from others.

36   Take others’ opinions personally.

37   Feel insecure about our abilities.

38   Have no idea what our dreams or desires are.

39   Wonder why others tend to take advantage of us.

40   Don’t feel respected.

41   Believe the more we are needed, the worthier we will feel.

42   Claim we don’t know how to listen to our inner guidance or intuition.

Acknowledging our thoughts and how we feel is the first step in feeling worthy. The more of these signs we identify with, the more we have ignored the elephant and let it impact the quality of our life. The good part is that once we become aware of our thoughts and feelings, even though they are negative, the elephant disappears.

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