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Romance: 12 Signs You are in the 3rd Dimension

Have you noticed it’s getting more difficult than ever before to find a mate? When we do find that perfect someone, staying in a long term relationship seems to be practically impossible. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have this much trouble. Why do we?

Part of the reason is that the 3rd dimensional mindset is in the process of collapsing. That means we are becoming less dependent on our mates and are less tolerant of embracing traditional relationship obligations.

Here’s Signs You are in the 3rd Dimensional Mindset with your Romantic Relationships…

When you…

1   Make promises, try to keep them, and then feel upset with yourself or feel betrayed when they are broken.

2   Establish compromises and sacrifice as a normal part of being in a romantic relationship. The resentment you both feel should be ignored.

3   Use the relationship to fill your needs. This could be your inability to feel safe, to be alone, to have adequate finances, to enjoy life without a special someone, or to feel worthy.

4   Use guilt to control the relationship. To control behaviors, you either feel guilty yourself or try to make your partner feel guilty.

5   Define who we think our partner is and count on them to always live up to our expectations. This could be your ability to describe in detail their personality, appearance, and future behaviors. This allows them to never grow and change in your eyes.

6   Treat them as a possession, someone who is yours and yours only. This causes undue jealousy and envy to flare up.

7   Apologize for wrongdoings and expect your partner to do the same.

8   Hide the truth or tell white lies to avoid jeopardizing the current relationship in anyway. Communicating and expressing honest thoughts and feelings can easily be ignored.

9   Define intimacy as having your special someone physically next to you. Then miss them when they are not around you.

10  Think anger and grudges are justified. You are unwilling to bend the rules and traditional beliefs.

11   Base how much you love your partner on what things they say or don’t say, and what things they do or don’t do that you like.

12   Try to avoid changes in the relationship and stay in your comfort zone.

Maybe all the pain you are experiencing in your romantic relationships is coming from trying to stay in the 3rd dimension.

But, you have a choice! You can either be one of the last holdouts in the 3rd dimension, or jump on the bandwagon and rise to the 4th and the 5th dimensions. Relationships are a lot easier and more fun when you move up.

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