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What Twin Flames Need to Know for a Happy Ending

Is your twin flame relationship in runner/chaser pattern? Maybe you know who your twin flame is, but haven’t had a real relationship yet? Perhaps you are just hoping to find your twin flame soon. Neverthe-less, there is something you really need to know for the relationship to be successful.

“You can’t have an unhappy journey lead to a happy ending.”

Abraham Hicks


What the Heck Does that Mean?

There is a tendency to overlook our part in creating a happy ending to the relationship. If we treat being separate from our twin flame as a miserable experience, we tend to blame someone or something for the separation, put our life on hold until they come, feel lonely, or try to manipulate him/her into our arms.

Actually, our part in the twin flame journey is to raise our state of mind above the sacrifice, blame, fear, guilt, and anger into feeling happy no matter what happens. For a visual explanation, see my videos Why You are Not With Your Twin Flame Now and a A Twin Flame Union Explained.


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