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Do You Doubt Yourself, No Matter What You Do?

Do you find yourself doubting every little thing you say or do? Do you have thoughts like, “Did I do the right thing?” “Could there have been a better way to do it?” “Should I have waited?” “Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut or done nothing at all?”  The mental anguish of continuous uncertainty, of course, causes us to want to shut down and shrivel up in a corner.

What Causes Us to be Uncertain About Ourselves?


When we haven’t forgiven ourselves for past mistakes, it makes us scared to death of making any more mistakes.


We try to follow a rule we or someone else makes up about what is right and what is wrong to do (3rd dimension mindset). Then when we break that rule, we judge ourselves terribly, which causes us to doubt ourselves even more.


When we doubt ourselves, we are usually so fearful we are unaware of our intuition or inner guide.


Did you know below the surface of doubting yourself is a feeling of unworthiness? All that is needed is to move your mindset to the 4th dimension.  

Are You Ready to Stop Doubting Yourself?

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