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Benefits of Using Your Intuition

Do you wake up in the morning feeling secure, confident and excited about all the good experiences the day will bring? Are you watching yourself become a better person every day? If so, you must be using your intuition.

Intuition is described as a knowing, a gut feeling, an inner voice, an awareness, a hunch, a gut instinct or a sense.

Here are Some of the Benefits of Using Your Intuition:

When we use our intuition…

  • We don’t need to make sacrifices to solve a problem.
  • Stress, anger, and resentment disappear.
  • Obstacles fade away and we get in the zone.
  • Everyone wins, no one loses in the situation.
  • There is no fear, and we feel safe.
  • We feel capable of handling whatever happens.
  • Conflict with others vanishes.
  • We can easily tell when someone is and isn’t telling the truth.
  • We feel peaceful and relaxed.
  • We build our self-esteem by leaps and bounds.
  • We are no longer afraid of change.
  • Having regrets stop.
  • We don’t let the drama consume us.
  • Guilt placed on anyone melts away.
  • We are happier.

I don’t think we realize the power we can have when we not only recognize our intuition, but use it in every area of our lives. As a life coach, I’ve seen actual miracles and I’ve been inspired time and again by clients who have overcome horrific life challenges simply by using their intuition.
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