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Best Spiritual Movies and TV Series

There are all sorts of feel-good spiritual movies out there, especially those about the Christian faith. There are gobs of movies with scenes with a spiritual message. I chose to list movies that are full of general spiritual content but are not about a certain religion.

Here’s my Criteria…


  • Documentaries
  • Christian themed
  • Animations
  • Lifetime TV movies
  • Movies using spiritual powers to promote revenge, corruption, or violence


I listed programs that…

  • Show the power of our
  • Point out that everything has a purpose.
  • Demonstrate characters taking action in spite of their
  • Had faith in something without seeing evidence of it.
  • Had one or more of the characters follow their intuition, inner guidance, Source, Spirit, Universe, Guides, Angels, Higher Power, God’s voice, or whatever you want to call that higher source that knows way more than we do.


Here’s My Pick for the Best Spiritual Movies

1   As It Is in Heaven  2004 (By far the best)

2    Castaway 2000

3    Peaceful Warrior 2006

4    Groundhog Day 1993

5    Little Boy 2015

6    Field of Dreams 1989

7    Gandhi 1982 (True story)

8    The Legend of Bagger Vance  2000

9    Hacksaw Ridge 2016 (True story)

10   Bruce Almighty 2003

11   Always 1989

12   Defending Your Life 1991

13   Contact 1997

14   Seven Years in Tibet 1997 (True story)

15   Conversations with God  2006 (True story)

16   Just Like Heaven  2005

17   Somewhere in Time  1980

18   Same Kind of Different as Me  2017  (True story)


Here’s My Pick for the Best TV Series

Finding feel-good spiritual TV series was difficult, especially because they often do not stay popular enough to stay on air. I also shortened my criteria substantially and so far only came up with one that I would list as excellent.

1   A Place to Call Home  2013-2018 (The most unconditional loving series I have ever seen)


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