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Pros and Cons of Using Your Intuition or Gut Feelings

There are advantages and disadvantages to practically everything, including listening and following our intuition. Let’s explore it. To begin with, I am going to define the meaning of intuition so we are on the same page.

Define Intuition

Intuition is described as a knowing, a feeling, an inner voice, an awareness, a hunch, a gut instinct, or a sense. It’s getting knowledge and guidance from a higher source that knows more than we do.

Let’s begin with the Cons.

What Are the Cons of Using Our Intuition?

Maybe we are one of those who want to be right at all costs. Or we could get our thrills from always having problems to deal with. Perhaps we strongly believe all this spiritual woo-woo is nonsense? Then I don’t need to tell you there are benefits of ignoring your intuition or gut instincts. You probably even think this list is NORMAL and the way life is supposed to be.

When we…

  • Stay unbelievably busy struggling to accomplish everything.
  • Get lots of alone time because we are unpleasant to be around.
  • Live a life full of adrenaline rushes because things with us are dramatic and many times feel like they are a matter of life or death.
  • Don’t have to take responsibility for anything because we can find someone or something to blame for the situation.
  • Don’t have to waste time and money pursuing your dreams because we don’t know what they are.
  • Get exercise by tossing and turning in bed at night.
  • Connect with others by getting them to take our side.
  • Hold onto addictions and bad habits as an excuse to relieve stress.
  • Inflate our self-esteem by constantly one-upping everyone else.
  • Have a good reason to spend hours on end on social media, in front of the TV, or texting every chance we get.
  • Get plenty of attention by focusing the conversations on our problems.
  • Earn a reputation for being a very disciplined person by forcing ourselves to do things we hate to do.
  • Save lots of energy, money, and time because we are afraid of change.

What Are the Pros of Using Your Intuition?

Maybe we wake up in the morning feeling secure, confident, and excited about all the good experiences the day will bring. Or perhaps we are watching ourselves become happier every day. That’s probably a sign we are using our intuition, at least some of the time.

When We Use Our Intuition…

  • We don’t need to make sacrifices to solve a problem.
  • Stress, anger, and resentment
  • Obstacles fade away and we get in the
  • Everyone That means no one loses in the situation.
  • There is no fear, and we feel safe.
  • We feel capable of handling whatever happens.
  • Conflict with others vanishes.
  • We can easily tell when someone is and isn’t telling the truth.
  • We feel peaceful and
  • We build our self-esteem by leaps and bounds.
  • We are no longer afraid of
  • Having regrets
  • We don’t let drama consume us.
  • Guilt placed on anyone melts away.
  • We are more content and happier.

If you identify with some of the cons, know that there is an easier, more satisfying way to live if you choose. Trusting your intuition or gut instincts can free you from unnecessary hardships, the constant struggle, and give you the knowledge that nothing is impossible.

I don’t think we realize the power we can have when we not only recognize our intuition, but use it in every area of our lives. As a life coach, I’ve seen actual miracles and I’ve been inspired time and again by clients who have overcome horrific life challenges simply by using their intuition.

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