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Do You Put Limits on Your Twin Flame Relationship?

When we finally find the “one,” almost all of us try to confine our twin flame relationship to a 3rd dimension mindset—making it “normal” like practically everyone else’s. By doing so we attempt to deaden the spark in the relationship and put limits on it. Here’s how.

How We Put Limits on Our Twin Flame Relationship…

The Basic 3rd Dimension Concept

The 3rd dimension mindset makes your body and your twin flame’s body the focal point of the relationship. Everything is related to the appearances, behaviors, comforts, and pleasures of your physical bodies.

Twin Flame Union

Since everything in the 3rd dimension mindset revolves around bodies, it would make sense that the twin flame union is about getting the two bodies physically together. It makes us think living together is union.


The 3rd dimension mindset limits communication to what we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. In other words, what the body can do. This means conversations, written words, what we visually see, what we smell, and physically touch. The 3rd dimension mindset wants to make us believe that we are unable to interact with our twin flame except through the body.


The 3rd dimension mindset limits our focus to how our or our twin flame’s body behaves. We are then upset or pleased about something the body does or doesn’t do, or says or doesn’t say.

Feeling Connected

Physical sex is a big part of feeling connected in the 3rd dimension mindset. But it is limited. No matter what we do sexually, the two bodies are still separated by skin.


When we feel lonely, the 3rd dimension mindset wants us to believe it’s because we aren’t physically in contact with our twin flame. If we could just hear from them in some way, it would relieve that horrible feeling of isolation.


To feel worthy of our heart’s desire, the 3rd dimension mindset’s strategy is, of course, centered around the body. This mindset stresses that we would feel worthy of our twin flame if we improved our body’s appearance, such as losing some weight, plastic surgery, or toning our body. Or we would feel better about ourselves, if we could accomplish more things by rolling up our sleeves and getting our body to get into action.

How To Make the Relationship Unlimited

Instead of making our mindset focus on appearances or what the bodies do, we could move up to the 4th dimension mindset, which centers around loving thoughts and feelings. The love, appreciation, and how the connection feels outweigh what is physically seen, heard, or touched, twenty to one.

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