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Online Class on Sickness Using A Course in Miracles Concepts

Join this live online class on Exploring Physical Sickness and Injury Using A Course In Miracles Concepts facilitated by Vickie Champion.

About the Classes…

  • This is NOT like the typical ACIM study group that spends most of the time reading line for line from the book. Nor are these classes like most webinars where attendees can sit back and listen to a speaker talking the whole time.
  • The classes explore the concepts around physical illness and injury through questions, explanations, discussions, and lots of examples.
  • We will cover the reasons for our illnesses, how to manage or recover from them, ways to catch ourselves before we get ill or have an injury, and how to aid others that are experiencing physical illness.

What Is Necessary to Attend These Classes…

  • To be fluent in English.
  • You can be a beginning “A Course in Miracles” student, but at least have some basic knowledge and agree with some of the concepts.
  • Believing in the possibility there is a God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or whatever term you use to explain a higher source that knows more than we do.
  • Have the willingness to participate in class.
  • Come to both of the classes in a distraction-free space.

When are the Classes?

Check with Vickie for upcoming classes.

What is the Cost? 

$80  (Credit or Debit Card)   It is limited to 8 participants.

Contact Vickie if you’re interested, and I will tell you more of the details.

About the Facilitator

Vickie Champion has been studying and practicing the principles of “A Course in Miracles” for over three and a half decades. For several years in the beginning, she was immersed in learning as much as she could. Vickie often attended a couple of study groups every week, and followed Kenneth Wapnick and Marianne Williamson—way before Marianne became famous. Vickie also read every book she could find associated with “A Course in Miracles”, and did the Workbook Lessons for four consecutive years.