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4 Ways to Put a Hold on Your Twin Flame Inner Work

There is no getting around it! If we don’t do the inner work that is required for our relationship, we won’t have a lasting happy outcome. Without doing our inner work, the relationship will be full of a few highs, some so-sos, and mostly downs.

A good part of the twin flame journey is having faith in a higher source, being able to feel worthy of feeling this much love, and learning how to steadily unconditionally love someone.

4 Ways to Put a Hold on Our Twin Flame Inner Work …

1  Don’t Believe or Forget this is Mostly a Spiritual Journey. It’s easy to neglect our inner work, thinking our only problem is that our twin flame is not physically near us—and if they were everything would be amazing.

2   Rely on or Become Dependent on Psychics and Others for Guidance. If we don’t use their words of wisdom to increase our ability to use our own inner guide or intuition, it doesn’t help us learn what is required for an ongoing relationship.

3   Fill Our Minds Full of Spiritual Concepts That We Never Practice. It’s common for twin flames to search the Internet endlessly or read every book written on the subject, but hardly ever give it a good try to see if the suggestions or exercises work (especially for INFJ personality types). Rolling up our sleeves and fully participating really helps our inner work move along at a pretty good pace.

4   Not Wanting to Improve our Ability to Communicate Telepathically with Our Twin Flame. There might be a tendency to want to wait until we have an in-person relationship with our twin flame, instead of having a telepathic one now.

The Problem

Without doing the necessary inner work, the relationship will at best be a few highs, some so-sos, and mostly downs. What it won’t be is amazing on a consistent basis.

Are You Ready to Do Your Inner Work?

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