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Twin Flames: What is Unconditional Love?

You have probably been acquainted with the concept of learning to unconditionally love your twin flame. It’s really important! In fact, learning how to love our twin flame unconditionally is required for a lasting happy outcome. Let’s explore what that really means…

What is Learning to Love Unconditionally?

Learning to love unconditionally means loving your twin flame no matter what they say or do. That is no easy feat! That means we love our twin flame soooo much that nothing they do can make us doubt our love for them. That also means they no longer have the power to hurt us in any way, slightly annoy us, or even make us question ourselves for a minute.

Why is Learning How to Love Unconditionally So Important in the Twin Flame Relationship?

Unconditionally Loving Our Twin Flame…

1   Gives a Purpose to the Relationship-

Without learning to unconditionally love, the twin flame relationship would be like any other ordinary relationship. Most relationships function perfectly fine without the partners having to focus their attention on learning how to love without conditions. Unfortunately, the twin flame relationship suffocates without that purpose.

2   Lets Us Give Up the Need to Sacrifice and Compromise-

Most assume it is necessary to make sacrifices and compromises in a relationship in order to please the other or keep the peace. But, this is not true. Doing some things you don’t want to do and expecting the same from your twin flame takes all the amazing spark out of the twin flame relationship.

3   Can End the Runner/Chaser Pattern-

What can cause the runner/chaser pattern is trying to make our relationship normal—to go back and operate from conditional love (3rd dimensional mindset). That mindset can cause twin flames to choke until one breaks free to catch their breath.

4   Stops a Painful Twin Flame Journey-

One of the things that causes a painful experience is struggling to manage the relationship by controlling our own or our twin flame’s behaviors. That includes attempting to live up to our expectations and making ourselves or our twin flame feel guilty if we don’t. It’s like trying to control each separate flame in a fire—striving to make one flame go higher than the others or to burn longer. Why would we want to spend our time doing that?

5    Increases the Amazing Mind-Blowing Feeling-

As we extend love to our twin flame in every situation, it deepens the love.

6   Is the Highest Thing We Can Ever Do-

Unconditional love gives our relationship the room to expand—adding the right amount of space and air to the flame. Together, twin flames have the power to radiate so much love that it touches all of humanity.

What Unconditionally Loving Our Twin Flame Requires

  • Changing our belief system from conditional love (ego or 3rd dimension mindset) and operating from unconditional love (the 4th dimension mindset).
  • Forgiving the past.
  • Taping into our intuition or inner guide on a consistent basis.
  • Giving for the sake of giving needing nothing in return.

 We think we need to get unconditional love from our twin flame, but really, we need to give it. As we give it, we will experience it ourselves.

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