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35 Signs INFPs Need to Fine-Tune Their Intuition

Are you an INFP who knows you get intuitive insights all the time, but get confused with knowing what to do with them? Out of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, INFPs are one of the few that use their intuition or inner guidance naturally. If you would take time to hone that intuitive ability, it would make your life easier and more rewarding.

OBVIOUS Signs INFPs Need to Fine-Tune Their Intuition…

When INFPs…

1   Neglect following intuitive insights or what feels right.

2   Feel depressed.

3   Are unable to feel connected to others.

4   Don’t take time to explore and examine their options.

5   Feel inadequate or incapable of handling whatever is happening.

6   Avoid making decisions because they are afraid to make mistakes.

7   Let others hurt their feelings.

8   Are afraid to tell the truth.

9    Judge themselves.

10   Argue, fight, and have misunderstandings with others.

11   Face being bombarded with one problem after another.

12   Hold onto past hurts.

13   Getting stuck in a rut.

14   Don’t do things they are excited about or want to do.

15   Make sacrifices to resolve conflict or to please someone else.

16   Have regrets.

17   Get confused or overwhelmed.

18   Feel unworthy or not deserving of having what they want.

19   Feel trapped and limited.

20   Run into obstacles or roadblocks.

21   Have lost their imaginations or desire to be creative.

22   Neglect physical activities and being in nature.


Not-so-Obvious Signs INFPs Need to Fine-Tune Their Intuition…

When INFPs…

23   Feel guilty or want others to feel guilty.

24   Can’t tell if others are telling the truth.

25   Haven’t come across their twin flame or true love yet.

26   Take a side and will do anything to prove they are right.

27   Have spells of being physically sick.

28   Feel they would be happier if someone else spoke or acted differently.

29   See those closest to them having major problems or experiencing difficult relationships.

30   Keep using food, drinking, smoking, drugs, or anything else as a numbing device to not feel.

31   Can’t usually tell if something feels right or feels wrong.

32   Don’t experience “aha” moments of clarity.

33   Haven’t figured out how to detach and relax enough to be able to receive intuitive insights.

34   Haven’t noticed what methods bring intuitive insights most of the time.

35   Daydream about righting a wrong or getting revenge.

Are You an INFP Who is Ready to Hone Your Intuitive Ability?

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