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About Twin Flame Signs, Coincidences, or Synchronicities

We all get signs, coincidences, or synchronicities every day about all sorts of things—if we would just pay attention to them. But the ones about our twin flame tend to stand out above the others and are difficult to keep ignoring.

Describe Signs, Coincidences, or Synchronicities

Signs from the universe or synchronicities are events that seem to be related or coincidental occurrences. Simply put, signs from the universe are things that happen that our logical self can’t explain away. They either guide us toward a direction or steer us away from a direction.

Why Do Twin Flames Get so Many Signs from the Universe?

It seems common for twin flames’ signs to be way more frequent and more in-your-face than most signs we receive. Maybe so we don’t miss them. It’s like we have a mission to complete.

Reasons Twin Flames Experience so Many Signs…

1  BIGGER PURPOSE- A twin flame union is not the normal storybook romance, full of personal gratification and enjoyment. Twin flame relationships have a bigger purpose. Therefore, the universe will nudge and urge twin flames in the direction of releasing their ego (3rd dimension mindset) to fulfill their ultimate destiny through a series of signs and synchronicities.

2   EXCEPTIONAL- The signs and synchronicities help twin flames to become aware and realize this is something special that cannot be considered ordinary. Constantly being bombarded by signs makes us wake up and take notice.

3   UNCERTAINTY- During our journey towards our twin flame union, it’s difficult to not get lost in doubt. Signs and synchronicities always appear to confirm again and again that we are on the right track—that we are not crazy.

4   HARD TO DISMISS- It makes it very hard to avoid or deny our twin flame relationship when we are bombarded with endless signs and synchronicities. No matter how much we try to forget, dismiss, or resist our soul connection, we are continuously reminded of it.

5   RAISE THE ENERGY- The intensity and frequency of the signs and synchronicities in twin flame connections stagger the mind, which lifts the energy in not only the twin flames themselves, but for anyone who is a witness to the signs. We experience situations that cannot simply be coincidental.

6   KEEPS US FOCUSED- The magical signs and synchronicities help keep us focused on watching the story unfold and in perfect timing. Otherwise, we would get terribly impatient, miss the incredible journey, and just focus on the destination.

What’s Unusual About Twin Flame Signs, Coincidences, and Synchronicities?

Twin flame relationships are so rare and so individualized that it’s difficult to pinpoint generalized concepts. That being said, this understanding comes from my own experience and my observations of the very few true twin relationships that I have come across.

What’s the Difference Between the Usual Signs Most of Us Experience and Those Related to Our Twin Flame?

1   CONFIRMATION- Everyone gets signs every day. Usually, the signs and synchronicities either confirm that we are taking the right action or are directing us to take another action.

Twin flame signs and synchronicities tend to be mostly directed toward getting us to focus our attention on our twin flame. Hardly ever do the signs ask us to take action. It’s like the universe doesn’t want us to get distracted or forget our mission.

2  BEING BOMBARDED- Usually, we hear people say, “When I hear or see something three times, I take it as a sign.”

Well, if the universe wants us to really pay attention to a twin flame, we can get 100s of signs and synchronicities, all coming from different sources, at different times, in different ways. We can turn around and right in front of us is yet another sign.

3  ENDLESS- Usually we get signs and synchronicities telling us to take some sort of action. If we take the action, we never see another sign on that subject again.

With a twin flame relationship, for long periods which can last for years, we will see one sign after another, all appearing to drive home the same message—and yet there is no action to take. It’s almost as if the universe wants us to stay focused on watching the story unfold.

4  INTENSITY- Usually we see a name, or hear a special song, or someone says the right thing that makes us take notice. Nothing explosive happens. It’s like a gentle reminder confirming us or nudging us in a direction.

Sometimes, with twin flame signs and synchronicities, they can get extreme. Upon seeing or hearing a sign or synchronicity, we can get emotional by tearing up, feeling a little scared, or feeling like we just entered the twilight zone. And if we are with others at the time, they feel the emotional impact with us. It’s like the universe wants it to be right in your face, so there is no way you can deny it.

5  SPIRITUAL SPIN- Usually we get signs and synchronicities by seeing or hearing something outside of us, unless we happen to be a little psychic.

Twin flame signs and synchronicities tend to direct us more inward. We can experience more intense dreams, have visions, become more telepathic, have overwhelming feelings, and even experience remote touch. Some can even feel the other twin frame’s presence long before they manifest physically in their life.

To Sum it Up

There may be years upon years during which you will see one sign after another, all appearing to be emphasizing the same message – and yet at the same time, your twin flame is still not in your arms!  You just have to have faith that these signs and synchronicities are happening for a reason.  Trust that you are not imagining them. Accept the fact that as painfully slow as it feels, the universe is giving you super advance notice for a very good reason.

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