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9 Benefits of Forgiving Ourselves

One way to feel lighter, free, more optimistic and charged once again with purpose is to forgive yourself. Is there something that you’ve done or not done that you have been holding onto? If it’s time to let go of the past so you and your loved ones can proceed with a brighter future, consider these reasons for forgiving yourself today.

We can…

1  Have a happier and more rewarding life.
2  Take advantage of using our intuition.
3  Experience a healthier life, with less sickness and disease.
4  Understand what freedom feels like.
5  Avoid energy loss and depression by not storing ugly memories.
Help others forgive themselves.
7  Manifest our wildest dreams.
8  Stop attracting the same kind of dramatic situations and unhealthy relationships.
9  Build our self-esteem, instead of wasting time tearing it down.

We don’t need to remain in a cage or state of punishment by not forgiving ourselves. It doesn’t do anyone any good. Regain your energy, your freedom and your self-esteem by acknowledging the episode or pattern that is making you feel bad, thanking it for the lesson and letting go of the hurt by forgiving yourself.

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