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Has 2024 so Far been a Difficult Year in Your Life?

Right now, external circumstances (politics, inflation, and weather changes to name a few), are pushing millions of us out of our comfort zones and spinning our lives in different directions.  Then there are the personal circumstances such as our income, relationship difficulties, and our health and that of our loved ones. Everything seems to be changing or disappearing rapidly. And to make it worse, there is no indication it will stop anytime soon.

Deep down we all probably know that this might be one of those years we’ll remember as a defining time in our lives.


Even though it seems like we are losing control of almost everything, we DO have control over our mindset. We could stay in the fear, get angry, worry ourselves sick, and essentially make this a horrifying experience.

Or we could use this experience to learn to love everyone (including ourselves) and everything, and make the most of it in spite of what’s happening and how long it continues. We could make it an amazing experience!

The Process Most of Us Are or Will Face in the Near Future…


There are two different kinds of pressure, external which is easy for most to detect, and internal which is more subtle.

External Pressures…

  • Come from something outside of ourselves such as a tragic event or a predicament we’re facing.
  • Are usually something that suddenly happens or within a short period of time, that throws us off guard, and turns our life upside down.
  • It could be concerning a loved one such as an aggressive illness or a death. Or experiencing a violent act, having AI practically dissolve our profession, being in a severe car accident, an unforeseen breakup, an act of mother nature/extreme weather, an unexpected expense, or anything else that hurls us abruptly out of our comfort zone.

Internal Pressures…

  • Come from inside of ourselves in the form of an uncomfortable feeling. Something doesn’t quite feel right.
  • Usually begin gradually, hardly noticeable at first, then become more intense with time. It’s a feeling of dissatisfaction and discomfort.


Probably all pressure initially begins with internal pressures. It’s more noticeable to those people who pay attention to how they feel, do their inner work on a consistent basis, and practice using their inner guidance or intuition.

Highly sensitive individuals, psychics, and INFJ personality types (according to the MBTI Personality Test) can often feel an underlying uneasiness and discomfort in themselves, other individuals, and even with the general population before the external pressure becomes obvious.


The Next Part of the Process is…


We have the tendency to deny, ignore, resist, or fight against the pressure, trying desperately to return back to “normal”—to our comfort zone. We are scared to death that we are going to lose all the good things we had going for us, and that our deviation from our old lifestyle will lead to a disaster.

If we drag it out, refusing can last for months or even years until we stop denying, ignoring, resisting, and fighting the pressure. For some, the fear of the new experience is so great that they completely opt out of living through it.

But all we have to do is jump in and make a commitment to have an amazing experience during this period, wherever it takes us. When we commit and mean it, the fear subsides—and is replaced by a feeling of relief.


The Next Part of the Process is…


Once we commit to having an amazing experience instead of a horrible experience, divine guidance appears. We come across others who give us training, tools, and advice that will help us with having an amazing experience—and most of all, teach us how to use spiritual methods.

During this time, we may get serious about relying on a higher source (God, Higher Power, Divine, Intuition, or whatever you want to label it). We could also become aware of the signs from the universe, have visions, have telepathy, hear inner voices, get “aha” moments, have meaningful dreams, and increase our psychic abilities.


The Next Part of the Process is…


As we progress, we plunge into the unknown, where the rules and limits are not known. It requires an act of faith—doing something we would have never done before the pressure.

An example could be caring for loved ones, stopping an addiction or bad habit, quitting a job, changing our profession, volunteering for a potentially dangerous mission, breaking up with our current relationship, moving to another city or country, cutting up our credit cards, or anything that we would not normally have done before the pressure began.


The Next Part of the Process is…


There is often a temptation to think we can stay where we are after all, to half-ass our quest, or to pray that the pressure will just vanish.

Every time we give into our jitters and go back, we realize the old ways of comforting ourselves are not what we once thought they were and aren’t satisfying now at all.

Examples could be trying to revert back to our bad habits or addictions, moving back home, going back to the old career, begging to be rehired, or getting back with the ex.

We learn that relying more on a higher source and the practice of using our spiritual methods can get rid of the apprehension that comes up—time after time.

Each triumph builds faith and courage, enhances the feeling that nothing is impossible, and gives us glimpses of our new life.


The Next Part of the Process is…


To have the ultimate amazing experience, we often have to keep going inward to confront our greatest fears and inner demons head-on.

When we face our inner demons we will soon realize our greatest fear was only a smoke screen hiding what we always knew—that we have been unlimited and important all along. There was nothing to fear after all!


The Last Part of the Process is…


Shortly after receiving our empowering knowledge, we are asked to give guidance, training, and tools to those who want their own amazing experience.


I have three QUIZZES that may help you get started making this time an amazing instead of a horrible experience…

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