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17 Signs You Have Not Forgiven Yourself

For most of us, forgiving others is a whole lot easier than letting ourselves off the hook. Maybe it’s because we were taught to put others before ourselves and that it was somehow selfish to unconditionally love ourselves.

Here’s Signs We Have Not Forgiven Ourselves…

When We…

1   Don’t feel we deserve to be happy or feel worthy.

2   Are dead set that what we did or didn’t say, or did or didn’t do was wrong.

3   Make it a habit of sacrificing our needs and wants, placing others ahead of ourselves.

4   Criticize ourselves.

5   Feel bad or guilty every time we think about a particular event.

6   Keep apologizing for what we did or didn’t do.

7   Strive to be perfect.

8   Totally disregard when others tell us there is no reason to blame ourselves for what happened.

9   Deflect gifts or compliments from others.

10   Have a difficult time making decisions, afraid we’ll be wrong again.

11   Think about a particular situation over and over, especially what we did wrong and what we should have done.

12   Are very insecure about our abilities, knowledge, or just about anything we say or do.

13   Think our life or others’ lives would have been better if we didn’t say or do what we did. We think we have caused ourselves or others to lose something because of our actions.

14   Want to fix or rectify our past mistakes by trying to control our current behavior.

15   Hold onto bad habits like overeating, overdrinking, over-smoking, overspending, overworking, overexercising, and overdoing to punish ourselves.

16  Feel intimidated when we’re around others.

17   Have no idea what our dreams, desires, and wants are.


If we would just give ourselves a break and leave the past in the past, instead of punishing ourselves over and over for it. If you need an extra boost, here are…

Some of the Many Benefits of Forgiving Yourself

You will…

  • Have a happier and more rewarding life.
  • Take advantage of using your intuition.
  • Experience a healthier life, with less sickness, injury, and disease.
  • Understand what freedom feels like.
  • Avoid energy loss and depression by not storing ugly memories.
  • Help others forgive themselves by example.
  • Stop attracting the same kind of dramatic situations and unhealthy relationships.
  • Build your self-esteem, instead of wasting time tearing it down.


Did you know feeling guilty causes you to feel unworthy?

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