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Twin Flames: 29 Ways to Waste Time in Your Relationship

It’s easy to sit back and wait for our twin flame to stop running and come back into our arms. All we think we need to do is learn how to be patient. That attitude either causes a very long wait, or the same runner/chaser pattern, on and off, for years.

Here’s Ways We Can Waste Time While Waiting…

When We Keep…

1   Ignoring our inner guidance or intuition.

2   Feeling anger and grudges are justified, especially with ourselves or our twin flame. Someone has to be responsible!

3   Thinking we need to live by traditions and expectations of others, and feeling guilty if we don’t.

4   Calling ourselves or others names, such as idiot, asshole, loser, or fatty. We only do this to make ourselves or others feel wrong and unworthy.

5   Hiding the truth.

6   Considering God, Higher Power, Universe, Spirit, or Source as hokey.

7    Resenting others for having a normal life.

8   Trying to build our self-esteem by criticizing others.

9   Avoiding downtime or quiet time.

10   Wanting to get retribution for being betrayed.

11   Believing we can hurt other people and others can hurt us by telling the truth.

12   Being a victim of something that happened in the past.

13   Complaining about what we don’t have and what is not going right in our relationship.

14   Letting our ability to feel good depend on what’s currently happening.

15   Trying to make others feel guilty for what they did or didn’t do.

16   Being easily deceived by others.

17   Holding onto regrets about past events and what should have happened.

18   Fighting with all our might to stay in our comfort zone and to not ruffle feathers.

19   Believing thoughts are private unless we express them.

20   Being determined to meet the expectations of others.

21   Believing compromise and sacrifice are required in any relationship.

22   Criticizing ourselves.

23   Trying to be in control of what happens. This usually includes making lots of plans and promises.

24   Feeling sorry for ourselves.

25   Getting worried when something changes in the relationship.

26   Thinking others’ opinions matter more than our own.

27   Focusing on trying to do and say what will please your twin flame.

28   Taking things personal, trying to make everything that happens about us.

29   Feeling like you wouldn’t wish this kind of relationship on anyone.

Whew! What a list. We can waste time in our relationship as long as we want to, but here’s the problem: Every thought we think has an effect. So, if we think the negative thoughts, no matter what the subject, we will get negative effects. It’s much easier and pleasant to change the way we think than go through the painful experiences we will have by wasting time.

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