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How Building Self-Esteem is in the 3rd Dimension Mindset

I know it sounds crazy to say building our self-esteem is in the lower dimension mindset. But it is.

The 3rd dimension is about trying to build ourselves up to the point we feel good about ourselves which is called high self-esteem. Of course, if we don’t work at building ourselves up, we will feel bad about ourselves, therefore having low self-esteem. On the other hand, it’s frowned upon to build ourselves up too high and become narcissistic. As you can see, this mindset keeps us focused on balancing the fine line between low, high, and too much self-esteem.

Here’s More on How Building Self-Esteem is in the 3rd Dimension Mindset…

WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO EARN IT-  The 3rd dimension is all about doing something to deserve something else in return, such as high self-esteem. We could do something to try to control our behaviors, do something to improve our appearance, or do something to make ourselves happier. We could also set goals and achieve them—all of this takes lot of hard work in order to feel good about ourselves.

IT DEPENDS ON HOW SUCCESSFUL WE ARE-   The 3rd dimension is about winning.  Not only do we need to do something to build self-esteem, but we also need to be successful at it. Without winning, we won’t feel good about ourselves. We’ll feel like a failure.

IT DEPENDS ON OUR EVALUATION OF OURSELVES-   If we do things that live up to our expectations, we feel good about ourselves and if we don’t, we feel bad about ourselves. In other words, we are practicing conditional love—if conditions are favorable, we will love ourselves and therefore, have high self-esteem.

IT’S SHORT LASTING-   The 3rd dimension purpose is to keep us busy building, not to feel high self-esteem. So, feeling good about ourselves doesn’t last long at all until we are busy doing something to achieve our next success.

A better way to feel good about ourselves is to drop the 3rd dimension mindset and trying to balance our self-esteem. Instead, move up to the 4th dimension.

Did you know behind the surface of needing to build our self-esteem is a feeling of unworthiness?

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