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Are there Things About Yourself You are Ashamed of?

Almost all of us have something, if not several things, we are ashamed of. Maybe it’s something we were born with—something defective or flawed such as our appearance, personality, intelligence, or background.

Maybe it’s something we regret doing or not doing that has had a lasting effect on how we feel about ourselves—something we haven’t forgiven ourselves for.

It could even be something positive like a talent or rare ability that we feel is a burden.

Actually, we could be ashamed of absolutely anything! Anything we feel guilty about, want to get rid of, or hide from others, we are ashamed of.

Good News!

Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Feeling ashamed is caused by having a 3rd dimension mindset. It’s that simple! If we move to the 4th dimension mindset, we can master any defect, regret, or uniqueness we have.

Are you aware at the core of feeling ashamed is feeling unworthy?

Did You Know That Feeling Ashamed is a Sign We Feel Unworthy?

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