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What Causes Us to Worry Too Much?

On the surface, it seems that the reason we worry too much is simple. It’s because we are concerned with what is happening now or what could happen in the future. We could be worrying about if others will hurt us in some way, what they think or will think of us, or the repercussions of making a mistake. Or, we could be concerned about what could happen to our loved ones. Essentially, we could worry about anything and everything.

Really, worrying is not caused by what’s happening or what will happen, it’s caused by our thoughts and beliefs about it. When we are concerned about anything, we are in the 3rd dimension mindset.

About Worry…

1   We can only worry if we are in the 3rd dimension mindset, which is commonly known as the ego. It disappears when we are move up to the 4th dimension mindset.

2   Worry is thinking over and over about something we don’t want. It’s like we make up worst case scenarios and then dwell on them.

3   I have not met anyone yet who feels better by worrying. It affects our health, our sleep, makes us feel lousy, and can scare us to death.

4   It requires us to judge or criticize what’s happening now or what happened before as wrong or bad. Then we worry about the consequences of it.

5   Worry distracts us from thinking about what we do want to happen. Maybe it’s because we worry so much that we don’t know what we want, what we desire, or what our dreams are. Or maybe we don’t think we are worthy of what we want.

Did you know worrying is a symptom of not feeling worthy?

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