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Best Twin Flame Movies

There are all sorts of warm and fuzzy romantic movies out there and gobs about soul mate relationships. There are some with scenes that are characteristic of a twin flame relationship. But I chose to list the movies that are the most like a twin flame experience.

Here’s my Criteria…


  • Movies where the main story was about something else, and they seemed to have added a magnetic romance as an added bonus.
  • Movies that were labeled as science fiction, fantasies, or animations. It’s hard enough to believe what we are experiencing is not made up without a movie to reinforce it.
  • Movies that didn’t have a happy outcome in this lifetime. I don’t know of any twin flame who feels good after watching a story they identify with about love going wrong.


I listed movies that had…

  • Signs from the universe, which is extremely common in a twin flame relationship.
  • Obstacles to overcome, like distance, different cultures, being married or with other people, and different religious beliefs.
  • The runner/chaser pattern.


Here’s My Pick for the Best Twin Flame Movies…


Falling in Love

Fools Rush in

Sleepless in Seattle

Elena Undone

The Notebook

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