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Are You Looking for What Gives You Value in the Wrong Place?

Wanting to feel important and significant is a given—probably everyone on earth strives for that in some way or another. The question is, “Are you going about it in a nonproductive way?”

I want to say right off the bat, none of these 5 things are bad, but if we are counting on them to make us feel important and significant, we’re looking in the wrong place.

Here are Some Ways We Could Strive for Value in the Wrong Place…

About Being…


We’re looking in the wrong place when we let our primary focus be on the recognition and elite status that fame offers. This comes with a “look at me” attitude, believing the world revolves around us. Some of the school shootings could be examples of someone’s extreme need to find value in 15 minutes’ worth of fame.


We’re looking in the wrong place when we will do anything, such as lying, cheating and stealing, to become rich. This is anytime we want to gain at someone else’s expense. We seem to think we are “superior” and more important than people who are poor.


We’re looking in the wrong place when our focus centers around our looks and doing anything to look even more attractive. We constantly worry about gaining a few pounds, getting older, or something happen that will change our appearance.


We’re looking in the wrong place when we believe losing makes us a failure. In other words, we feel important only when we beat out the competition. This attitude means we have to constantly keep winning to feel valuable.

5   A HERO-

We’re looking in the wrong place when we think rescuing those less fortunate and unable to take care of themselves gives us value. That comes with a belief they are inferior—needing someone to save them from their ignorance, inactivity, and lack of abilities.

What’s in Common

If we are looking for value in the wrong place, it…

  • Keeps us hyper focused on needing MORE—more fame, more wealth, being more attractive, having more wins, and finding more people to rescue.
  • Makes us believe we are BETTER than others.
  • Ignores the feeling of CONNECTION with others.
  • Is in the 3rd dimension mindset—making us believe we have to DO SOMETHING or HAVE SOMETHING to feel important.

Did you know that looking for value in the wrong places comes from a feeling of unworthiness?

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