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Why People Pleasing Does NOT Work in Twin Flame Relationships

You love your twin flame so much that you might have a tendency to focus on trying to please them every chance you can. But the need to please can easily cause the runner/chaser pattern.

Here’s Why the Need to Please Can Easily Cause the Runner/Chaser Pattern…

1   Usually, underlying our need to please is being scared to death that if we don’t do everything we can, our twin will do the unbearable, physically leave us.

2   When we have the belief (3rd dimension mindset) that “relationships require sacrifice and compromise” we tend to assume this is essential for a successful relationship.

3   We can easily try to control everything that happens in the relationship by pleasing. We can even get carried away and try to hide the truth, avoid discussing certain subjects, or fix our twin flame’s problems for them. This doesn’t work in a twin flame relationship for very long.

4   People pleasing steers us away from our own wants, desires, and most of all, our inner guidance or intuition.

5   Trying to please our twin flame makes us scared about something all the time. Often, it’s about reactions to what we said or did or what might happen in the future.

6   People pleasing causes us have an extremely hard time accepting unconditional love, which is what the twin flame relationship is all about. Somehow, we don’t feel worthy of love without doing something to earn it.

7   Continuing our old habit of trying to please others at our expense only keeps us in our comfort zone. Even though it seems like it’s a loving thing to do, it’s really not helping the relationship at all.

8   It makes us feel second-rate and kind of lousy.  We never really feel good about ourselves, no matter how much we do for our twin flame.

Notice how trying to please is wrapped up in giving in order to get something else in return, which is commonly known as conditional love.  Somehow, we feel being afraid, sacrificing, and feeling unworthy is a small price to pay if it will keep our twin flame in our arms.

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