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About Twin Flames Relationships and Being Under the Age 35

This is for those young adults who think they have met their twin flames (which often occurs with INFJ and INFP personality types). Sometimes you have met them, especially if they are at least a few years older than you. But most of the time, becoming aware of or physically being with your twin flame on a permanent basis occurs when you are over the age of 35.

Here’s Some Reasons Why Twin Flame Relationships Tend to Occur Over the Age of 35… 


Most individuals need to experience dating and have at least one other relationship before meeting their twin flame to know it is completely different. The twin flame relationship is at a higher level—one that it makes you want to get out of your comfort zone and rise up to meet it.


Everyone probably has karmic relationships (or false twin flames) from previous life-times to clear up before they can be with their actual twin flame. What’s tricky is that karmic relationships start out with the same intensity and magnetic connection as a twin flame relationship. But once the unloving relationship pattern is broken, they leave.


With the intensity of the twin flame union, it seems that children (especially under 12) would get the raw end of the deal having parents so preoccupied with each other. The twin flame mission is hardly ever to have children. It is to release the egos (3rd dimension mindset) of both twin flames and unconditionally love each other (4th dimension mindset).


Most of the time, it takes years of adult living to get to the point you are willing to let go of having a “normal” life with a “normal” relationship. The twin flame relationship is as far from “normal” as you can probably get.


Most young adults are too busy exploring what the world has to offer, meeting people, and establishing a career, to put being spiritual first. Being spiritual, which is absolutely required to have a successful twin flame relationship, usually happens when they have exhausted others ways of living.

Dive Deeper

If you are under the age of 35 and think you have found your twin flame, read my Are You Unsure section and take the Still Unsure Quiz to get more clarity on your relationship.

But, if you are sure you have found your twin flame, read the next part carefully.

Why Some Under 35 Would Be Aware of or Meet Their Twin Flame

It is not very common at all to be aware of or to physically meet your twin flame before you turn 35. On those rare occasions when you do, your twin flame is more often than not older—and usually by more than a few years.

Here’s Reasons Why You Would Be Aware of or Meet Your Twin Flame Before You Turn 35…

1   You might have an INFJ or an INFP Myers-Briggs personality type. Both types tend to be mature spiritually, highly sensitive, and practice trusting and following their intuition or inner guide.

2   You might need a cause or a purpose to work towards. In order to have a happy outcome with your twin flame, it is necessary to release your ego (3rd dimension mindset) and learn how to unconditionally love them.  There probably isn’t a higher purpose anyone can accomplish in a relationship.

3   You might have a lot of inner work to do. Maybe you had a rough childhood, feel unworthy, have addictions or habits you need to let go, or have some deep-rooted anger to uncover. Or perhaps you just need to hone your intuitive skills or learn to channel.

4   You might need to learn by experiencing the difference between a twin flame relationship, a soulmate relationship, a karmic relationship, and just an ordinary acquaintance.

5    Feeling the twin flame connection might help both of you step up the pace and get the ball rolling for an amazing journey.

No matter what your age, what you need, or what form your twin flame journey takes…

There are no accidents. It’s perfect for you and your twin flame relationship!

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